Smart or Skilled?

This is a blog post made by a pro dota player, Loda, that separates players into 2 categories.. the smart and the skilled.. both are good but the difference is too important to be taken for granted.

Ok so I had a pretty interesting discussion with bogdan the other day. Usually when the two of us get together to share some quality lovetime we end up discussing some part of DotA, and this time we discussed the kind of players there are, and the difference between some of the high lvl dotaplayers out there. We both agreed that there are two kind of players; Smart and Skilled.

Of course it's not that black and white with some players being only smart or only skilled, but it's easier to put them in two different groups. I will write down some stuff about each of the groups, but first I'll just list a couple of players that I think suits best in one or the other. Since I am not that into the asian scene I'll just list the ones from Europe and America that comes to mind, and maybe you guys can add some names of your own if you think im right in what I write.

So what deifnes a smart player? Well as the name states it's someone who's smart (No shit? :D), but what I mean is that they think through every move the make. Their farming, ganging and fighting is defined by what they know is the smartest in theory. A smart player is a person who skills a hero in a certain way just because it should be the best way to utilize the hero in the game. When it comes to itemchoices the smart player will go for what is absolutely the best for the hero and the team. For example a smart bm will always go for necro 3 since it works well with the pig/bird and then BoT to easier gang the lanes with ultimate. If you watch LightOfHeaven play Bm you will realise that when he throws axes to dmg heroes he often(if not always) also hits a couple of creeps or neutrals just to utilize the power of axes to its fullest. The smart player knows what is the best, but things doesn't come as easy for them. They often need play more to reach the same lvl as the skilled player but when they do it's a very scary player to face since they play it safe, smart and use each hero in the way that's right 90% of the time.


Skilled: The skilled player is the kind of guy that does not give a shit to what people say is the right build or in what kind of way you should play. These players are genuine players that has a love for the game and for them it's as easy to play dota as it is to ride a bike! Sometimes they know that in theory their choice is the wrong one, but it just feels right and usually pays off into a godlike moment :) Vigoss is the obvious choice as this kind of player. How many times didn't vigoss go on a suicide run just to grab that kill? Often he would even get out of an impossible position where no one even saw what happened ^^ Some players evolve into smart players just to better help the team, because you need to keep in mind that without a couple of smart players that reads the game in the right way to help you do those crazy moves it woldn't happen. I for one was never a big fan of Vigoss, more of those who played around him and made it all work out in the masterpiece that was their playstyle!
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