~xO changes to iGk

After using ~xO tag for itsme.XO we are changing it to iGk(itsme.GameKings).  The main reason is the new rule of Garena - 'in creating new garena usernames only dot(.) and underscore( _) are allowed'.  We wouldn't want our new members to have different tag from us and the easiest way is for us all to change our tags.


iGk Rosters:

Seth 'iGk.KingEx' Dialino - Leader
John 'iGk.RyUkEn' Agor
Kulaz 'iGk.kyin' Aguirre
Jake 'iGk.Papabur' Aro
Chill 'iGk.Chell' Bandales
Jeffrey 'iGk.JayFox' Bicaldo
Francis 'iGk.GotChoo' Largo
Jack 'iGk.Jakku' Rodriguez
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Dinoboy said...

iGk.Wtwky --> Apply po. :)

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