Best Performance from ITSME at Tabaco Tournament goes to itsme.PAO

It was a fun, tiring and thrilling day for TEAM ITSME who participated in the Tabaco Tournament.  ITSME went to Tabaco having 3 teams.


itsme.kwKy - captain

itsme.ooPz - captain


itsme.Chill - captain

Team itsme.hbck who practiced for only 1 night having their complete roster, unfortunately, didn't make it to the finals and so with itsme.CVC having PLMC(mski) team on their bracket.  Itsme.Ford showed their well-shaped team after eliminating all the team in their bracket.  Unfortunately, most players got exhausted and didn't play anymore. Itsme.titi, who happened to be the bread and butter for the team, is known to have the weakness of having a maximum of 3 games limit.  More than 3 games, he would be using his spare battery to keep him going.  Substituting itsme.titi and itsme.mej in the tournament is not a good idea because the chemistry, that was formed during the practice, is now gone.  They end up grabbing the 4th place in the tournament.

Itsme.Pao, a very calm and low-profiled player, was considered to be the MVP in most games played by itsmeFORD.  He is known to be a good carry player but now he showed his flexibility and played support role.  Map control was achieved by the team in every game having itsme.PAO use wards wisely.  He gangs perfectly making enemy carry heroes infertile or baog in most games.  What's cool about his games is that he would have only 2 or 3 deaths in a game.  It is somehow difficult to have less deaths when you play ganker because opponents usually aim at you for having low HP.  He even had a support lion with 13 kills, 1 death, and 11 assists.  You can see the replay here => itsmeFORD vs Drand.  His team mates commented on his game after the tournament.  "No Pao, No win" itsmeFORD.Mejz said.  "si Pao ang MVP ng itsme.FORD" itsmeFORD.titi said.  "Maganda yung pagka ES at Lion ni Pao" itsme.ooPz said.  

Looking at the stats on their 4 games

Itsme.PAO, on the support role, have 32 kills overall.  34 kills by itsme.titi leads only by 2.  Itsme.PAO had 69 assists overall.  The next highest no. of assists goes to Jam with 56.  Itsme.PAO and itsme.titi have the least deaths summarizing the 4 games.  Itsme.PAO, who was just a fan of itsme back then and was trained by itsme.titi, now have his title.  He is the Most Valuable Itsme on the Tabaco Tournament. Keep it up! 

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Anonymous said...


itsme.PAO said...

Thank you so much Idol Jack!

itsme.PAO said...

To tell you the truth, meron kasi akong Inspiration kaya ganun ang performance ko. HAHAHA! She's sweet and friendly, and she also plays dota. Her name starts w/ the letter "A" so better guess her name. :)

Anonymous said...


Dymayta24 said...

nakz :) SIKAT :P


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