Interview with itsme.kwKy for Upcoming Tabaco Tournament

Team ITSME, who appeared to be the underdog in most tournaments, already won and proved how Oragon they are.  The last tournament, lead by Alton 'kwKy' Aguilar, was the Daet Tournament where they grabbed the first prize. Now, another tournament is on the table for itsme to face.  

Kwky, who is working so hard to go for an extra mile, is preparing on how to play his cards right on the tournament. Here are some insights he's going to share to us.

Interview with itsme captain - itsme.kwKy

Me: Hello, welcome to itsme.blogspot interview. What is your main reason for joining in the tournament?

kwKy: Experience... Knowing that this is the biggest tournament in Bicol, I'm expecting a lot of good teams to play with and learn from them as well.  Aside from experience, I'm also expecting a lot of FUN from this adventure.

Me: Let's get into the main topic, the Upcoming Tabaco Tournament, which will be held tomorrow.  How is the training going?

kwKy: Fair enough.  This is the only night we're going to practice our solid line up.  But it's ok, as long as we have fun.

Me: Who are the members of the team?

kwKy: sean (itsme.sena), watams (itsme.watams), seth (itsme.KingEx), deso(itsme.deso) and me

Me: There are rumors that top teams from other places may join the tournament.  Do you think, after these practices you've made, it will be easy for ITSME to defeat these guys?

kwKy: Not totally, but I do hope.  Teams from Bicol are fine with me coz i know them but I'm not sure if teams from other places are joining.

Me: Most teams are not familiar to you.  Do you have counters for every type of team that you're going to encounter or you're going to stick to the battle plan?

kwKy: Nothing has changed much.  I'm focused with the team's "galawan" or movement(lol!).  We'll stick with one crow.  You'll know soon.  For turling teams ==> :p

Me: What are the difficulties you encountered in your practices?

kwKy: Schedule conflict. haha. 2 of our rosters are busy because of finals.  So, it's only now that we are practicing with our solid 5 rosters.  The date of tournament is wrong timing I guess!

Me: Any shoutouts to your supporters?

kwKy: "sa lahat ng mga sasama, goodluck! haha. sa mga naiwan, bhla kayo. haha. msayang jaming to. =p"

Me: Thank you so much for your time, legendary itsme Captain, itsme.kwKy! Good luck and go for the gold!

kwKy: ok jak. salamat. :)

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