Itsme.Bebe - All Girls DotA Team

Fasten your seat belts, the bebes are here!  They are the new team of itsme composed of all female players. 

Girls often treat Dota as their greatest rival when it comes to the attention of their boyfriends.  Boys sneak out from their girls just to play their favorite game.  Don't you wonder why majority of people involved in sports and computer games are men?  Based on studies, men love competition more than women.  That's why most men prefer playing and women prefer shopping and chitchatting.  Now, you're gonna see 5 of the few girls who are competitive in nature and they are ready to RAK your Dota world.  Itsme-gaming proudly presents...


The birth of itsme.bebe was made possible because of itsme's team captain - itsme.kwKy and he will be the official manager
of the itsme.Bebe's.  He will give some of his plans and opinions regarding this team.

Jak: Captain kwKy, welcome to itsme-gaming interview! How are you doing?

kwKy: okay lang. haha. kakagaling lang. haha. dati lang. petix! haha

Jak: Regarding team itsme.Bebe, how was this team formed?

kwKy: hindi pa naman siya official. ttry pa lang. haha. nakahanap kasi ng 5 e, kaya yown. tingnan naten.

Jak: Who are the players of these team and who will be their captain?

kwKy: alech. adi. kyra. yen at icah. may isang reserve pa ata e. kaso wala pa yung bio nya. haha. wala pa ko idea kung sino capt. pagnaglaro na sila sama2 dun na lang makakapagdecide kung sino capt.

Jak: How can you rate their games as of now from 1 to 10? 1 will be the lowest and 10 will be the highest.

kwKy: hmm. 8 ata. haha. kasi di pa naman sila nglalaro sabay2 e. pero sa indvidual, rakable po. haha

Jak: Are they exposed on cm mode games already?

kwKy: yung iba. siguro this week mas makakalaro namen sila kasi yung iba isisingit namen sa tourney sa sat. sana nga matuloy. gl samen. haha

Jak: What are your plans for their improvement as Dota players and as Team Players?

kwKy: wala pa sa ngyon. c icah baka next week pa dumating e. kaya baka makapaglaro sila ng kumpleto pagdating na rin ni icah

Jak: I, personally, like the fact that we would have itsme.Bebes for most tournaments here in Naga ban 'top players'.
I am wondering if they could represent the team in some of these tournaments.  Would it be possible?

kwKy: syempre naman. yun nga balak ko e. pro konting batak pa. haha. konti pa. dame naman sila trainer e. haha. kaya sigurado mabilis sila mtututo. sila pa! (:

Jak: I'm glad to hear that.  You being the manager as well as the coach would make the team improve faster.

kwKy: di ako manager. haha. wala naisip ko lang to. for fun lang tapos pra maiba naman. para my bebe na rin. may mga personal coach din sila ata. >:)

Jak:  Thanks for your time and good luck! Any message to the Bebes?

kwKy: laro lang. enjoy lang. magiging masaya naman to. welcome to itsme family. RAK! sorry, nagmamadali kase eeeh! hoy kyra umayos ka!  :))))

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Team itsme.Bebe

Kyra Khrizle Villamora - iBebe.kyra 
Junessa Paola C. Benipayo - iBebe.yenzkie
Icah Culaway - iBebe.icahtoot01
Rae Alech P. Natividad - iBebe.Ms.A
Rae Adrienne P. Natividad - iBebe.Peanut
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pancakes said...

Adrienne and Alech are so kawaii. :))

Anonymous said...

talo ang lalaban dyan ang ganda e!!! sa kanila nlng yan titingin >XD

Anonymous said...

pancakes!.. wew... umaatake!!!.. whahahaha.. cool!.. >.< i[EaT]^80-ate

Anonymous said...

amp ang ganda ni alech at adrienne nkita ko nung tourny

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