Successful Itsme Party Party!

It was 5:45am when I got home from Jam's house, where we celebrated our party. I don't usually attend parties because I find most of the parties boring and tiring. But guess what, I didn't even sleep the whole night. I didn't have the chance to use my Ipod for there was no boring moment. Everywhere we go, there would be fun things to do. In the garage, there is a rented karaoke machine for itsme singers. In the living room you can choose to play card games or watch at Jam's home theatre flat screen tv. You can also play computer games at Jam's room. How can I not mention the food made by some of itsme members.

Host itsme.Cy

At the start of the party, we started eating while Cyril(itsme.Cy) entertains the crowd with his mad skills in hosting. He is not a shy person and you can observe how comfortable he is in parties. He told jokes that made almost all of us comfortable at the place. After eating, there was like a business meeting outside where Cyril is the one presenting. It happened to be an introduction of itsme to some new members, especially the itsme.Bebes. I was called to make a speech in front to tell my views about the itsme today. I told them that I was so proud with alton(itsme.kwKy), our captain, for without him there would be no itsme family as big as this and he is one responsible leader who organizes parties and stuffs. I, honestly, can't handle that big responsibility.

itsme.Bebes ft. kwKy

As for the itsme.bebes, I am overwhelmed when I saw them come because girls wont join that big group of guys without 100% trust. I told Alton about this and he said that he is confident that all itsme members know how to respect girls. If any member would take advantage of the bebes or even one of them, Alton said: "ako makakalaban ninda".

itsme @ garage

Kwky entertained the guests by visiting every part of the house. There was no one who got bored, as far as I know. Everyone was doing what they want to do most in that party - playing, singing, chatting, watching movies, eating, drinking. We were very noisy at the house and I find Jam's dad very cool. He just smiled at us though we were very noisy doing our stuffs.






The food was damn good. We should have itsme.chef group too. Thanks to these itsmes: Alton, Carl, Dowsha, Tofi, Jam who stayed overnight to cook and make delicious desserts. They made fried chicken, barbeque, lumpia, fruit salad, and 'pridjidir cake'. Pridjidir cake was alton's specialty. It's a kind of refrigerated cake with his personal touch and love. lol. Not to be biased, it tastes good. Even master Atit liked it. Atit is considered to be the slowest eater but he got a little bit faster when he ate Alton's Special Pridjidir Cake. Thanks to mark(itsme.oOpz) for the Baked Macaroni which made everyone want to have 2nd round.

The place was perfect. Thanks to Jam and his family for letting us have our party in his house. Mark drove the girls back to their houses around 4am. kwKy escorted them for more security. Most of the itsme slept in their living room and Jam's bedroom. Tofi, Carl, kwKy, Mark and I stayed up to have singing battle until 5:30am. Xet woke up and we got home. The party was a big success we were all like, 'Wow, did it really happen?' I'm happy to have this DotA Team which we can all consider a family. There's nothing else I can say but, Excellent Job, kwKy!

Mean Boy kwKy 

More Pics of itsme Party Party here

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mykol said...

cool blog :)

Jack Rodriguez said...

Thanks Dude!

Anonymous said...

Woah! xD

cyCy` said...

Woah! Well done, Jakku. sing for us one more time! :]

Anonymous said...

san po naka base CLAN ninyo ?

Anonymous said...

gnda ng CLAN ninyo .. solid ang bonding ! kakainggit naman sana makasali ako sa CLAN na kagaya ng sa inyo ItsMeGaming

palabiro ata yang c kwkY haha ..

tnx po ., ItsmeGaming .. sana makasali kayo sa mga international tournaments ;)

pa add naman po sa GARENA or RGC .
Garena username : IceELk
RankGamingCLient username : " parasite_eve "

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