Watching Anime Helps Improve Your DotA Skills

You may say it's crazy but it's true. Watching Anime stories with fight scenes will inspire you a lot to be a better DotA Player. When I was on my early years in the game, I simply do the things that must be done. If I need to win, I farm heavy items to be able to kill them all and push. If I need to survive, I simply run back to the fountain. If I need to gank, go to other lanes then I use my skills at once to kill them. In short, there was no art, no prediction, no precision in my game back then. Most people today improved their games through experience and by watching how the pros do it. In my case, my first improvement in this game is after getting inspired by how Anime characters think during battles. These are some anime character's traits that will inspire you in playing better in DotA.

1. Precision - Anime characters taught me how to be precise in every move I'll make in DotA. They would often have a plan on how to attack the weak points of the opponents. Though faced in difficult situations, they have the ability to have a clear mind to think of the best next move. They wait if they should wait. They attack if the time is right. They prepare more if they can't go through. Watching Anime inspired me to do what I call 'Ninja moves' in DotA. It is the ability to fool your opponents because you already predicted what he's going to do next. Anime characters would always study their opponents carefully and wont ever be baited by the opponent's made moves.

2. Doing impossible things - Weak anime protagonists often beat Stronger opponents. This is my inspiration why I have this much confidence. I'd face anyone in tournaments. I know I can beat anyone though they may have more experience than me. Having confidence in yourself is the key to beat anyone. If you think you wont win, then you wont. Focus on beating them, not on your differences. Focus on your strengths and how to maximize them.

3. Quick improvement ability - The longer the series continues, the stronger they become. Protagonists would often start without any knowledge that they have powers to beat opponents who are already strong from the day the series started. But, in the end the protagonists would be incredibly strong to face the main opponent to beat them.  I didn't stop practicing until I reached my goal.  Like in anime stories, we managed to defeat the teams we worshiped before. 

4. Presence of Mind - The characters fight with a lot of concentration. I find it funny when they would shout the name of their skill before they actually do it. But, going deeper, they are showing how to be conscious of your actions. Most of the times, we die because we don't know that we are farming too far. Most of the time we lose a clash because we don't know that we are not yet capable of beating the opponent's early heroes in clash. Presence of mind is so important to be able to know what you are doing and be conscious of advantage and disadvantages.

5. Invulnerable - No matter what happens. The protagonists wont die, they would just be injured if they faced strong opponents but they wont actually die. At the end of the series they will be the one to succeed. This is obvious in Anime stories but this had a large effect on me. It inspired me not to give up. For no matter how many times I've been down, it's a fact that I'll be the one on top if I would work hard for it.

6. Team Work - Characters, who doesn't have any magical skills yet, would defeat opponents with powerful skills when they are together. They would use team work to do this.  In DotA, you can still win the game though even how the opponent's are individually.  The only thing you can fear in this game is perfect team work, for it requires a better-than-perfect team work to beat them.

7. Respect - Anime characters know how to respect opponents no matter how evil they was in the series. This leads to not doing trash talks against my opponents after defeating them. I've learned to treat this game professionally. I trash talk some times but it's for the sake of psyching my opponents out. Making them grow arrogant and have a negative effect on their game. But, after winning the game, I would approach them like nothing happened.

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas!
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Anonymous said...

can you name the anime names? like what? bleach, naruto???

kamijyo touma said...

code geass

kamijyo touma said...

code geass

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