Netopia Nation Wide DotA Tournament: New Goal of Itsme

After winning the 2nd prize in the previous Netopia DotA Tournament, Itsme Gaming is now hungry for the 1st place. I played with them last friday to check on how high are the chances to reach the top. I faced them with my own itsme.Gk team. I can say that as early as now they have a 70% chance of finishing 1st. With constant practice they should have no problem.

Itsme Rosters for Netopia DOtA Tournament:

Alton 'kwKy' Aguilar

I cannot express more how proud I am with this player. Not only did he improved in being a player, but he also became a good team player and a great leader. Being the most versatile player on itsme, hero picks are well understood by him. Outsmarting this guy in hero picks is not an easy task. 

Seth 'KingEx' Dialino

The LGD.2009 of itsme. A solid mid player who has the highest level of prediction among all itsme. He knows how to inflict damage quickly in team fights making it easier for the team to win most clashes. Though he is at mid lane, you need to watch out because anytime he'd be on side lanes whenever he feels like having a triple kill. With him on the team is like having a bullet proof armor at your car.

Mark Joseph 'Deso' Abasolo

I'm proud to say that I predicted this time will come from the first day I saw him play. He is not the farmer you simply ignore. First of all, ignoring this guy for a little time will make you pay with his ultra fast farming ability. Second, if you gank him, be very careful because his good banking knowledge may lead you to be the one to die. Third, if you try to fight farming with him one on one. You'll realize that in 10 mins you only have 10 creeps and 1 deny. That was the time when he was hiding because he thought there might be gankers.

Nico 'JAM' Bautista

This player is not an ordinary one. Call him a magician and I'll believe you. He can play any role and he plays them damn good. He has a great mind hacking ability to know the plan of the opposing team. This make him a good ward placer. Without a gem, you'll waste more money on sentry wards just to destroy his wards. This guy roams all around the map like he doesn't run out of mana. Whatever his strategy is, it's for you to find out.

Eldrige 'Ldrige' Lim

A real DotA genius. You can see this guy dating, playing online games and eating. You wont see him practice Dota but when he plays, you'd still consider him as an imbalanced player. When he plays support, don't expect to feast on him because you will be frustrated. He is very careful and he definitely wont feed.

Good Luck team mates! You've improved a lot and you have a very high possibility to get the trophy. Go for the gold! ITSME!!!

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