820 will Play Carry for New EHOME Roster

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Clan officially announced earlier this month after the new lineup(Related reading: eHome team officially announced the list of New Year message to send ), in 2010 the king of the division achieved a miracle  EHOME also recently announced the start of training camp.Experienced  Burning &  KingJ leaving the team and  LongDD & Countries who joined the Warriors, the new EHOME attitude to meet what will be more intense competition for 2011 it? Carry the responsibility within the team who will take up - is the captain of the WGT Carry during the restore  820 or veteran LongDD? The answer seems to have been announced!

According to the latest news, EHOME2011 the new location as follows:
 820 (Captain): Carry 
 LongDD: Carry / Gank 
 Dai: Gank 
 States who Musou: Gank / Support 
 357: Support

In view of this, 820 will return to the C bit, and LongDD Vice C and will play Ganker, Dai will wield the sword Ganker, state disability, and veteran unparalleled position number 357 featuring 4,5.
WCG wild card race is about the recent start, the ECL Gaming DotA Champions League will also increase throughout the year projects and events will, EHOME This time the training is bound to win the opener in 2011. So now let us look forward to their wonderful performance of it!

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