Dota Guides: Ultimate Dota Guide Compilation

This is the compilation of important Dota guides for easy access.

Captains Mode: Hero Picking Dota Guide

This is a guide on how to be a good drafter at Captains Mode though you don't have time to play tons of games.

Not having enough time to play a lot of games to be an experienced and effective drafter? This is the right article for you.

In my article, 8 Essentials in Winning a Dota game, having a better leader ranked 2nd to the most important. Leaders are responsible for their team's motivation and strategies. Hero drafting greatly lies on the hands of a Dota Team Captain. Team mates may suggest but leaders should have the larger vision on how the game would flow. They should be able to pick heroes that will give the team great advantage over the opponents.

How to Dominate the Trilane

This guide will tell you the important things to remember to win a trilane.

Though I'm fed up of 3-1-1 lane type, I have to admit that this is the most effective strategy offering several advantages. 2 solo heroes will acquire their powerful ultimate skills in less time. They would also have their other skills at maximum quickly. Heroes at the trilane will apparently destroy a dual lane. 2 supports in a lane assures a safe lane for a carry making him farm all the gold he wants. So, in order to win, you have to beat the opponent's trilane. But how? How does the Pro makes trilane so effective? What must be done to dominate your opponents at trilane? Here it is...

9 Different DotA Ganking Styles 

This guide enumerates 9 different ganking style you should use in any given situation.

Ganking, ranked 4th place in 8 Essentials in Winning DotA Games, is one of the most important tool in winning DotA Games. Thus, there are different ganking styles that will make you sneaky and unpredictable. It is important that you have proper coordination with your team mates if you are going for ganks. Pro players are too careful that they don't often die from getting ganged up. Observer wards are too cheap and placing them in ganking areas is the best counter for Ganks. So, a variety of ganking style is recommended for being unpredictable. 

10 Things You Can Learn From Maelk

This guide will inspire you by informing you how Maelk became the great player he is now.

Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen is my very first inspiration in being a leader of a DotA team. I was so inspired on how his plans would always be successful. He would always be interviewed every tournaments because of his indispensable wit. Teams would often fear his team, MYM, because of his deadly strategies and his ability to counter every opponent's plan. His games would often be superb carrying the team to victories. After watching his games, reading his posts, watching his interviews and hearing the comments of his team mates on him, I learned a lot of dota guides and lessons on how to somehow be a 'Maelk' of our team.

Dota Guide: How to Farm Fast

This guide will tell you how to improve your farming game.

People often want to know how to farm gold fast in DotA, which is a lot different from me. I am thirsty for blood when I'm playing that I tend to roam a lot. Roaming is fun for me, but then, I expect the carry heroes of our team to be equipped with their needed items as soon as possible so that we can take advantage and destroy towers easily. However, some players want to show off their mad farming skills by farming the whole game. This is not fun at all for me. I don't find self-esteem in having 5 divine rapiers but having 0 kills. I better play 4 v 5 than have a Greedy Gold Farmer team mate. However, farming is also essential in winning games. Here are some tips in getting more gold in less time.

Dota Ganking and Supporting Guide

This guide will inspire you to play a better support and ganker role.

I have been playing support role since forever because I find this role the most fun role in the game. I love actions and I love getting into fights as early as possible. It was a good thing though because most players here want to play farmer and carry. Farming is important but I find it boring because you become an insurance for the team. You simply stick to your lane and try to farm as much as you can at early game. I know you have to dominate your lane too but if your hero have disadvantages at early game against your opponent, you'll have to play passively. I was known for being a great support for our team back then. But I have to admit, after watching one of my team mate play support role, I realized that someone became a lot better than me. I don't play too often now but I still watch replays and I see a lot of boring support players. They would often act as slaves for the team. You wont even recognize them.

Dota Guide: 8 Essentials in Winning a Dota Game

This guide will tell you the 8 most important things to have in winning a Dota Game.

There are a lot of factors that help you win DotA games. This is the reason of its excitement and suspense. After every DotA game there are just too much to talk about. But the most discussed is how the team won or lost. Among all of these things that made them won the game, what are the most important factors to be able to win Competitive DotA Games? Here they are ranked according to importance...

Developing Your Own Dota Team Guide

This is will guide you on how to develop a solid and successful DotA team.

I started my own DotA team when I heard about a tournament in one computer shop near our University. The team I made was composed of friends from high school. I was only an average player being taught by my DotA Teacher, Mark Bernardo. He exposed me to his DotA friends who happened to be the best team back then, the Inzane. I observed how good their team play was. Individually, they may experience defeat but when it's time to play as a team, it's quite impossible to defeat them. How did they develop that kind of team? I asked myself. I didn't stop studying how to have a solid team.

Ultimate Dota Supporting Guide

This is a guide that tells you almost everything you need about supporting from basic to advance.

Definition: Mainly a support is a hero that takes care or, from the name itself, supports the whole team, most especially the carries. Supports are the ones that are in-charge for the overall team defense and map control.
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DotA Pushing Essentials: How to Destroy Towers Successfully

This article is to guide you and your team in pushing opponent's towers without getting into trouble.

In every single game of Defense of the Ancients, no matter how you do it pushing is one vital and the most important thing to do in order to win. Taking down towers in order to get to the main building is one thing that a team or a player needs to master in order to dominate the opponent. Now here are a few tidbits to help you by when it comes to pushing.

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