DotA Turtling Strategy

What is Turtling?
  • The term turtle is widely used in Strategy games.  It is also a popular term in Dota scene. It is referred to as simply focusing on making a hero get all the levels and items he need before that hero joins the battlefield. Turtle is the term used because the pace of that play style is slow.

Why do we need to Turtle?

  • Teams would usually turtle when they cannot win team fights early game.
  • Turtling is also used for playing safe.  It is one of the safest strategy in Dota because the turtling hero can be a turning point for a lost early game at times.
  • It is also good to turtle if you have a team mate who farms fast.  Take advantage of this to give you an easier win.

What are the types of Turtling?
  1. Massive Nukers team mates - Defense oriented.  It is simple defending opponents early push to make your carry hero have more time farming.
  2. Ganker Team mates - It is executed by ganking the opponents constantly making them busy for their survival making your carry hero farm more gold.
  3. Baby Sitter team mates - the entire team are focused on giving the carry safe lanes to farm.  Supports and other heroes would always protect the carry hero from gankers.
  4. Hybrid - it is the combination of the aforementioned types of turtling.
What are the things to remember in using this strategy? 
  1. The 4 heroes who aren't turtling should have skills that would make them win team fights early until mid game.  
  2. Be sure to have sufficient disables and nukes to help your carry survive and even give him kills early game.
  3. The turtling hero should farm his items as fast as possible so the team would stop taking risky 4v5 battles anymore.
  4. Be sure that the hero picked to be turtling could beat the opponent's late game heroes too.

Turtle Line Up Example:

Fairy Dragon - Puck
Tinker - Boush
Earthshaker - Raigor Stonehoof
Crystal Maiden - Rylai
Mercurial - Spectre

Puck and Tinker would go solo lanes and the other 3 would be on trilane.  Early game, Earthshaker and Crystal Maiden can harass opponents to give Mercurial a safe farming lane.

 Once gankers come for Mercurial's head, Puck should be ready to teleport and coil making the enemies the one to die.

Tinker can babysit Mercurial continuously by teleporting back and forth to his lane and spam missile to the enemy heroes on Mercurial's lane. 

Clashes can easily be dominated by those 4 heroes Early game with their painful nukes, puck's silence and their AOE skills that hurt a lot early game.  Spectre can join clashes after the opponents used their skills already or simply give them killer blows for extra gold.
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