Extreme Mirana Nightshade Elune's Arrow Guide

Elune's Arrow is one of the most dangerous skill in Dota. The only problem is, there are only few people who use this accurately. I watched several players who used POTM, but there are only few who are skilled in using Elune's arrow.

Professional Mirana Users

-Highest arrow accuracy so far, best for his gank oriented play style.

-One of the most fun to watch POTM player because of his blind arrows.

-He used POTM in a pure ganker role and this was always successful because of his great arrow accuracy.

-Whenever he uses POTM it's like an arrow showtime.


-Have the ability to dominate his lane with POTM alone because of his highly accurate arrow.

-My only team mate that I tell him to arrow... not try to arrow. When he uses Mirana I'm always expecting one opponent to be stunned for 5 seconds.

First of all, Mastering Elune's Arrow needs experience. It's like learning how to swim. You don't learn how to swim by simply reading. You read to know what you should develop to make you a better swimmer. Reading this article will make you more strategical with your arrows.

Traits needed to land arrows perfectly:

  • Extra Patience
  • Keen Observation
  • Imaginative
  • Position Awareness
  • Optimistic

When to Use Arrow:

  1. Prey is farming
  2. Prey is fleeing
  3. Prey is in a clash
  4. Prey walks through small areas
  5. Prey is going to respawn
  6. Prey is attacking you
  7. Prey is using channeling spells
  8. Prey is chasing your team mate
  9. Prey is chasing you
  10. Prey only have one safe route to run through
Mirana Nightshade Arrow Highlights by Hexor

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