Fountain of Life Destroyed by Itsme in a Showmatch

One of the strongest thing to do in Dota, is to destroy the opponent's Fountain.

The Fountain is the most dangerous place for opposing heroes. It can burn and kill any hero in seconds. To destroy the Fountain in a real 5v5 game, you should be powerful enough to inflict high damage to the Fountain and to constantly kill reviving enemy heroes. 

Watch how ITSME Dota Team did this in a Tournament Showmatch.

Heroes of the Game

Priestess of the Moon - Perfect solo lane against 3 heroes at bottom lane. He even managed to farm sick items and became a killing machine reaching 37 kills 0 death 13 assists.  He has close to 100% arrow accuracy.
*credit to itsme.DESO*

Shadow Fiend - Owned mid lane and carried the team fights from early to late game.  Good map movement and sensational use of Shadow Raze.
*credit to itsme.kwKy*

Download Replay Here

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha! nice kunkka by xet, dagon force staff. lol ~DS

George Bick said...

Just wow lol! I haven't yet had the courage to mount an attack on the enemy fountain but watching this sure gives me an insight on how to do it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

waaa si kuya jack tlaga oh. Pinost pa yan :( hehe bawi kami next time

Anonymous said...

grabe itsme. The best talaga sa Naga.
sana mag pa tournament ulit sa JBK!

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