Free Dota Lessons From 2009| Shadow Fiend Tutorial Review

Wow, I just finished watching 2009's Shadow Fiend Tutorial and I learned a lot.  Aside from using Shadow Fiend on a higher level, you're also going to learn to analyze several aspects of the game that we usually overlook.  I knew some Pro Players who asks for payment in teaching their knowledge.  2009 made it for free.

He used Fraps and played a pub game where he uses Shadow Fiend.  It is difficult to simultaneously play while discussing strategies but that's not a problem for 2009.  In that video, you can observe how he actually play because you can see his actual screen while playing.  Mouse clicks, camera view, messages typed and others seen on the monitor while playing Dota.

At the beginning of the game he speaks about the reason for his starting items.  He got 4 branches, a tango and a flask.  That is the safest build, he stated.  He also analyzes his team mates' starting items and lanes.  Since it was a pub game, the hero picks wasn't planned to have perfect CM-like chemistry but he knows that there's a big chance of winning for them.  Their line up was Yurnero Windrunner SF Tiny Earthshaker.

While he was on his lane against Medusa he speaks on what you should focus first on playing SF - being stable on the lane.  It means that you should be able to survive your lane and preferably dominate your lane.  He showed the basics of playing at the mid lane.  He gave tips to effectively farm on your lane and harass your opponents simultaneously.  His goal in his lane is to have stability and not to give his opponent a good tempo.  If his opponent is having an easy time creeping at mid lane, disrupt that tempo by suppressing him continuously.

He roamed a lot making the game CM like which he said that was risky for pub games.  They have the upper hand in the game but their opponents are recovering.  They are starting to build their items.  2009, having the proper mindset, knows that they can still win.  The battle wasn't that easy at all but he was so amazing to know what's the next best things to do.  Even though the opponents are getting really fat, he didn't ran out of plans.  I would suggest to gank opponents asap if I were on the team but he said to take it slowly.  He was still so patient to not rush things and they end up winning.

Overall, in this video, you can learn a lot because you can acquire the high level of thinking 2009 has.  He is commenting on every clash, item choice, ganks and almost all aspects of the game.  Since his team mates are committing a lot of errors he explains why you shouldn't do the same thing or simply why they are considered errors.  You can see how patient and mature 2009 in playing.  He never flame team mates or trash talk his opponents.  He also said sorry for committing mistakes.These are traits of a real professional player.

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