Happyfeet-WOOTZ Great Comeback from 0-5| Managed to Farm his Dagger in 22minutes.

Happyfeet vs Minerva game was definitely an example of 'Turning Point'.  Minerva dominated a lot early to mid game.  For average opponents, Minerva could have won The Net Dota Tournament easily but Happyfeet is not your ordinary team.

Happyfeet-WOOTZ played Earthshaker in this game.  He died a lot early game.  In 8 minutes he has 3 deaths and 0 kills.  He only has a stick and 2 branch.

In 9 minutes, his score is 0 kills 4 deaths(0-4).  There's no change in his items yet.  He only have 164 gold.  In 10 minutes, his score is 0 kills 5 deaths(0-4).

At 14 minute mark, he got his 500 gold for boots after roaming and getting few creep kills.

[16 minutes] He bought a null of talisman.  He move around the map like he isn't worried not getting his Dagger.  They successfully killed Stone Giant but there's no assist for him because he reserved his Fissure for back up.

[19 minutes] They successfully took bottom's first tower.  He farmed at 2 neutral camps after pushing.  He now has 1,100 gold.  Then roam again.

[21 minutes] There was a huge wave of creeps at the top lane.  It was like 3 groups of creep.  He used fissure maximizing aftershock to instantly kill the ranged creeps then almost perfectly last hit the creeps making him have 1,650 gold.

[22 minutes] He continued to farm the top lane for another creep wave.  He now have 1806 gold.

[22:20]  Minerva is now pushing their mid 3rd tower.  He defended using his fissure and killed one creep.  He now have 1,921 gold. Happyfeet's slardar was killed.  He returned to their base and sold his boots.  Dagger up!

Because of that, this epic Echo Slam was eaten by Minerva making the entire Happyfeet recover from terrible early game.

Morphling who was also having extreme difficulty in farming, got an ultra kill because of that Echo Slam.

That's your Happyfeet Captain, Happyfeet-WOOTZ.
Download the replay here: Happyfeet vs Minerva G1 Finals
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Anonymous said...


Jack Rodriguez said...

Yup! ^_^

Zagh Fabico said...

That's what you call "BUHAT" :D

jm said...

so awesome... hehehe that's the captain.... good job

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