Latest Dota Tips and Facts

[Note: Lines marked with an asterisk(*) are not yet tested/proven personally by the TS]

Some facts about healing.

1. Drop the items which increase your HP/mana -> heal/regen -> pick them up again. This will increase the actual amount you regenned (e.g. you have 400/750 HP and a Vitality Booster. Drop it and your HP becomes 400/500, drink a Salve to make it 500/500 and pick the item up for 750/750. )
2. Urn heal doesn't stack with Tango/Salve heal
3. Casting the positive Urn buff (healing) on a unit that has the negative one negates both effects (0 HP lost).
4. Due to the damage mechanic of Pudge's Rot, both the victim and Pudge can heal with Salve/Clarity/etc. while under the effect of level 1/2/3 Rot. Doesn't work with level 4 though.
5. Repeatedly selecting your hero while healing at the fountain doesn't make him/her heal faster.

Some tips on using Ghost Scepter
Ghost Scepter negative magic resistance is diminished by all magic resistance bonuses, for example, Planeswalker's Cloak.

List of spells negated by Ghost Scepter (turning to ethereal form)

Admiral Proudmoore Tidebringer - deals no damage
Alchemist Acid Spray and Unstable Concoction deal no damage, all of their other effects apply
Ancient Apparition Disables Ice Blast's killing blow
Axe Counter Helix - deals no damage; disables Culling Blade's killing blow, deals listed damage
Beastmaster Wild Axes - deal no damage
Bristleback Quill Spray - deals no damage, but spell counter still works
Broodmother Spawn Spiderlings - can't be targetted on Decripified heroes
Butcher Meat Hook - moves and pauses, no damage dealt
Chaos Knight Reality Rift - moves unit, no damage dealt
Earthshaker Echo Slam - no damage dealt (!)
Geomancer Earthbind - no effect, dispelled if Scepter is used by target after been Ensnared
Goblin Techies Land Mines - no damage dealt; Suicide Squad, Attack! - no damage dealt
Holy Knight Penitence - slow works, damage amplification does not
Juggernaut Omnislash - no damage dealt, just mini-stun (!)
Moon Rider Moon Glaive - unable to target directly, does not bounce onto Decripified unit
Naga Siren Ensnare - no effect, dispelled if Scepter is used by target after been Ensnared
Netherdrake Corrosive Skin - no damage, just slow applies; Viper Strike - no initial damage, slow and duration damage applies
Phantom Assassin Stifling Dagger - no damage, just slow applies; Phantom Strike - Blink works, no damage
Queen of Pain Shadow Strike - no initial damage, slow and duration damage applies
Shadow Priest Poison Touch - no damage, slow and mini-stun applies
Spiritbreaker Charge of Darkness - cancels charge of darkness
Stealth Assassin Blink Strike - Blink works, no damage
image Earth Splitter - deals 0.7x damage which is applied before all other reductions
Tidehunter Anchor Smash - no damage dealt
Tinker Heat Seeking Missile - no damage dealt
Tormented Soul Diabolic Edict - no damage dealt
Undying Soul Rip - cannot be targetted on Decripified unit
Venomancer Venomous Gale - no initial damage, slow and duration damage applies;Poison Nova - if Ghost Scepter is activated after you are hit by it, it is dispelled. If you get hit by it during Ethereal Form, you receive +40% damage.

Additional Fact 

As Pugna's second attack is Magic type, it is possible to attack Decripified units if you have Sange/Sange and Yasha/Desolator/Orb of Slow. However, you will not deal extra damage (your attack is resisted by magic resistance, which by default is 75%).

Fun Facts about Force Staff 

1. Double-clicking Force Staff will push you in the direction you are facing.
2. Using Force Staff while Batrider has caught an enemy with Flaming Lasso will not break it.
3. Using Force Staff on Wisp will push him in a random direction.
4. You can use Force Staff to easily escape while Enigma has you in Black Hole.
5. When you are channeling Sand Storm with Sand King and Force Staff is used onto you, the position of the hero changes, but the visual effect remains the same.


Some Random DotA Facts

By silencing Rikimaru you make him visible. Rikimaru will stay visible as long as he is silenced.

Focus Fire(Windrunner) can hit invisible enemy units if Windrunner uses it before the enemy goes invisible.

Armlet can be activated and placed on SpiritBear(LoneDruid's pet) without it suffering any degen. It will not gain any strength, but it will gain all the other benefits.

Although Zeus' Thundergod's Wrath hits all the enemy heroes, and have true sight, it can't damage isolated invisible enemies (eg. Rikimaru, Broodmother in web).

Fog of war updates every .4 seconds. So if you Blink into the fog and use echo slam/Qop scream/heat seeking missle too early, you will miss due to the fact you haven't seen the enemy yet.

When Huskar and Necro's ulti are both boosted by sceptre, it is possible to instant kill anyone.

Medusa's split shot uses a bear form spell as base with a transformation time of 0.1 seconds just like Troll Warlord, because of that you are also able to dodge disables with switching it on/off.
(For those who doesn't know, you can avoid storm bolt or any similar skills with Troll's transformation, and so do Medusa)
[Added fact to the transformation technique: That fact is also the same for Alchemist's Chemical Rage transformation]


- Dark Seer can auto cast Surge. Right-click Surge to activate auto cast.
- Leap came from a "Windwalk" skill so having a gem makes Mirana impossible to dogde stuns
- You can still regen from consumables like Healing Salve when you've Astral Imprisoned yourself
(Heal, astral, profit!)
- Cyrstal Maiden's Frosbite lasts for 10 seconds on creeps level 5 or lower.
- You can cast purge to free yourself from Treant Protector Overgrowth roots.
This also works on allied units.
- Sven's Storm Bolt cannot be escaped 
- Blade Fury + TP = Escape
- You can use enchant to control illusions, Morphling's Replicate, and creeps (neutral, normal, Chen's creeps)
- 4 Manta Stacking = 8 illusions
- Lothar's Edge will not cancel Channeling Spells (Even TPs) 
- Diffusal’s Purge can be used to destroy Gyrocopter’s Homing Missile.
- Ghost Form can avoid Techies’ land mines and suicide damage.
- Rylai’s aura stops working when she is invisible.
- Broodmother's spiderlings' spawn spiderlite ability to works on allied creeps too.
- Shadow Priest's Shallow Grave does Not prevent Axe's Culling Blade (also true for Yurnero's Bladefury).
- Storm Spirit can use spells during Ball Lightning.
- Sand King's Epicenter doesn't cancel when using Shiva's Guard while casting Epicenter/
Viscous Nasal Goo and Ensnare dispel consumables like Healing Salve.
Wrath of God doesn't work with Sand King's Sandstorm.
While Lanaya has Refraction, try buffing him Apotic shield, instead of Lanaya dispelling damage with Refract, she will heal when she is attacked.


-  Gem of True Sight works also on its carrier's illusions.
Magnus' Empower and Rooftrellen's Living Armor can be used to remove Atropos' Enfeeble.
You can use Sunder on illusions.
Puck can blink out of Chronosphere if he is phased at the time it is cast.
You can stop a Techies from suiciding by using decrepify or ethereal blade.
- You can use any active item in Yurnero's Omnislash (ex. Dagon, Lothars, TP, Guinsoo, Dagger, etc) same mechanic is also true for Morplhling's Waveform and Void's Timewalk.
[Imagine casting Dagon while doing Omnislash(!)]
Chaos Knight's reality rift cannot cancel channeling spells.
- Rooftrellen's Sentinel (Owl) can be moved by Force Staff*

Lanaya's Psi Blades can splash damage dealt from Dagon, Radiance, etc. as long as the damage source is Lanaya. This can be achieved by damaging the attacked target before Lanaya's projectile hits the target.*
- You can purge units out Decripify.*
- Rot will not do any damage to Pudge when he is invisible.
- Units can be purged out of Hex state.
Global silence stops Juggernaut's Bladefury. So does Doom and Grappling Hook.*
- Ghost Form and Black King Bar's Avatar Mode stacks(!) How? By using Ethereal Blade, activate BKB first then cast Ether Blast.* 


Vision Mechanics 

We all now how important vision is in DotA so in order to master it here are some facts and tips:
- Heroes have a normal sight range of 1800 at daytime and 800 at nighttime.
- Hero vision is obstructed by cliffs and trees.
Visual Representation





[Red arrows represent sight range extent.]
Now not all heroes have the same sight range, there are some heroes with a special sight range and they are:
(Note: Hero title, vision range at day/vision range at night)
  • Enchantress, 1800/1800
  • Sniper, 1800/1000
  • Treant Protector, 1800/1200
  • Bounty Hunter, 1800/1000
  • Alchemist, 1800/1400
  • Priestess of the Moon, 1800/1200
  • Faerie Dragon, 1800/1200
  • Tormented Soul, 1800/900
  • Night Stalker, 1200/1800
  • Geomancer, 1800/1800
  • Ancient Apparition 1800/1400
  • Nightcrawler 1800/1800
- Flying Units have an unobstructed vision (not hindered by trees or the terrain).
- Vision on higher cliffs is higher, while vision on the bottom of the cliff becomes obstructed.
Visual representation:

Top Cliff


Bottom Area


Fog of War

- The blackened areas or areas that are at the extent of your heroes sight range.
- The fog of war is increased during the night, hence vision is also lessened.

Phantom Spot

The Phantom Spot is the area within Roshan's Lair. 
- It is unaffected by the terrain so even if you are on the top cliff you will still not see beyond it.


[Compare it with the sample from the top cliff vision range and you would see the difference.]

- Even if you get nearer you will still not be able to see beyond it



- Vision is also limited once you are inside it.



- Observer Wards cannot be placed on Roshan's Lair (prior to the new map) 

Critical Strike and Bash stacking.

[Well more preferably called Critical Strike stacking since we all know that Bash doesn't really stack]
Now regarding Critical strike many have thought that two items and/or skills giving the Critical Strike bonus would proc at the same time, this is a big NO in DotA.

But how does that work if that's the case?Both items would still have a chance to proc on
 separate attacks if in case both items would trigger on the same time, only the latest acquired item would proc on that attack. This is also the same case for items and abilities with Bash bonuses.

More to Come!

Credits to Salawayun. for the article.
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