Garena No 5 Seconds Software: Download Autojoiner for Free

I discovered a software that would make it easier for you to join Garena rooms.

This software is called "Auto-Joiner".  It doesn't have any other hacks (like map hack) that ruin the game.

If you don't have money to buy Gold Membership or you have but prefer not spending money on games, this is the right software for you.

Features of Auto-joiner

1.  It removes 5 seconds wait in joining Garena rooms.
2.  Functions as an Autoclicker
3.  You can minimize Garena while Auto-clicking (so you can do anything else while waiting)
4.  Gives notification, a sound and message, that you've already entered the room.

Download Auto-joiner - Click here

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Anonymous said...


Custom Logo Design said...

thanks for shearing

itydir said...

thanks 4 sharing :D

Anonymous said...

pano po ginagamit to? walang nagyayari after ko pindutin f8.. :(

Jack Rodriguez said...

F8 lng yan. kung windows 7 OS mo, run as admin.

Anonymous said...

wala nmn po -.- yaw gumana sken. d me windows 7xD

Jack Rodriguez said...

yan gamit ko. run lang tapos f8 ginagawa ko. sa mga prends ko rin gumagana. kung kelangan iupdate, update mo. mbilis lng iupdate yan.

Anonymous said...

Oy , pano pag sa Mski.Grounds sasali?

mary tharpe said...

AutoJoiner is really awesome software. thanks for sharing.
download software full version free for pc

Thomas Anderson said...

Thanks for informing. Farena software is very useful.
free download software online

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