Itsme vs DAS highlights

Itsme (iDota) vs DAS - Elimination Round of Netopia Dota Tournament


1.  Itsme.kwKy (Shadow Fiend) was about to be ganked by venge and sven but they end up dying on the hands of kwKy.  itsme.Eldrige (Crystal Maiden) perfectly placed an illusion preventing Rogue Knight from escaping.

2.  Itsme.DESO (Priestess of the Moon) showed a perfect example of having patience in using Elune's Arrow and "Mindgame" the opponent, Vengeful Spirit.  They had a mini-battle but DESO showed Vengeful Spirit that he's going to run away and right when Venge cannot see him anymore, he cast an arrow predicting where Venge is then killed her.

3.  Itsme.Eldrige (Crystal Maiden) entered the opponent's base to cast frostbite on Alleria.  POTM cast an arrow on her and entered the battle.  After killing Alleria, other opponents came to avenge her but out of nowhere, Itsme.kwKy (Shadow Fiend) appeared right infront of their faces casting Requiem of Souls then they killed them all.

4.  Alchemist and Vengeful Spirit tried to kill Shadow Fiend but right when they were close, Itsme.KingEx (Kunkka) casts a torrent disabling Alchemist.  Shadow Fiend end up killing Alchemist.

5.  Itsme.kwKy (Shadow Fiend) was getting focused fire by the whole DAS but he activated his Black King Bar on time dodging Rogue Knight's storm bolt and Itsme.JAM (dark seer) cast a vacuum sucking them all to Shadow Fiend who is casting his Requiem of Souls.  None of them survived this combo.

Thanks to Nikko Barde for the video!

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aov.reAper said...

patawa..hahaha XP salamat!

Anonymous said...

Ayos ah. Franco pa yung background music! Haha.

Anonymous said...

paps, may tanong ako..
may team b kau sa LoL?
sana meron para maka-compete kau at makita nmin ang mga replays nyo as LoL...
IGN: za0za69 (LoL)

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