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Quelling Blade


  • Possible one of the best farming tool in the game, this light, handy axe provides additional damage to creeps making it a lot more easier to last hit using so-called "money shots". Also a good tool for juking and making seemingly impossible paths in the forest because of its active Tree-Chop skill that, as the skill name itself says, chops trees down. 

Item Statistics plus a few facts
  • Gold Cost: 225
  • Deals an additional 32% attack damage to non-hero units if the user is melee, adds 12% bonus damage to ranged users.
  • Grants the ability to chop down trees with a cooldown of 5 seconds
  • Cannot be wielded by Admiral
  • Bonus damage does not work on towers and siege units and flying neutral.
  • Orb Effects override the "Quell" ability, the one that deals bonus damage, except for feedback and if Quelling Blade is acquired after getting the feedback ability.
  • The Quell ability works with Illusions

The Pros and Cons
  • The added bonus makes it easier to get that creep last hit
  • Excellent for Juking out during jungle chases

  • A bit expensive for something that doesn't add any stats
  • Doesn't add any stats (redundancy ei?)

Getting the most out of it

  • So, what's the best thing to use Quelling Blade? Juking So maybe most of you will be thinking what the hell is Juking?

  • In general Juking is a way to trick or fool your enemies during chases, it could be done either by making jungle paths, using in-game juke spots and abusing the fog, in this case for Quelling Blade, juking can be done by making jungle paths when cutting down trees.

Some Jungle Juke Spots that could be found or made using your Quelling Blade
[Note: I won't be able to give everything on this section since there are still some that I didn't discover as of yet but I will giving out useful and some not so common spots that could be used anytime in the game]

Spot 1:
Bottom lane sent shop juke spot, cutting down this tree would lead you here:

Full path that could be made with Quelling Blade

Spot 2:
This part here could be found near the river entrance of the sentinel jungle this spot has two parts, this one would be the entrance

And this would be the exit

Full path after chopping down both trees. Note, spot could also be used as a hiding spot

Spot 3:

Now this part one's a bit tricky and would easily be done using a QB+Tango combo, this part here would be the entrance

Now here's the tricky part, the exit, as you can see there would the smaller tree is overshadowed by a bigger one, this one requires a little target practice, or you could use two tangos if you don't get the right one at first.

Full path

Spot 4:

This spot gives an escape route towards the scourge tier two tower, good against tower diving offensive trilanes or for offsetting ganks coming from the side

Full Path after taking down that tree

Spot 5:

This one gives a safe path towards the sentinel tier 2 tower

Full Path

Now those are some spots that I've discovered and would come in handy when you want to escape or trick out those chases
Added tip: These spots are more preferable to use at night for that added fog abuse.

Some other uses for Quelling Blade
  • Aside from juking, Quelling Blade could also be used in Choke Point Jungling and Dual Neutral Creep pulling, it's also a good item to use in order to escape Furion's tree trap.

That would be all for this guide err review, or what ever you may call it. As what I always say, "Hope this helps, GLHF!'

Credits to:
-S!  otherwise known as Salawayun!
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