A Winning Captain's Principle Dota Guide

A Ship Captain has his ship; A Dota Captain has his team.

As Dota Captains, you should know the right way of leading your team to victory as a ship Captain would do with his ship.

What can you really learn from a ship Captain?  These are the things they would say in every situations.

The ship is broken?  Let's fix it as soon as possible.

Since the team is your ship, you can learn to care more about your team.  If fights among your team mates occur, take the initiative to fix it.  If there are weaknesses on your team, work hard to turn them into strengths.   You should find a way to always have a healthy team and aim to have the best team.

I am nothing without my ship.

Captains know this from the bottom of their hearts.  Their pride comes from the ship first before them.  Even how young and unpopular their ships are, Captains are proud of them.  This is the same thing with Dota Captains.  Good leaders are proud of his team no matter how low others look at them.  They also don't aim to be popular by himself; he aims for the pride of his team.  A good team corresponds to good leadership of a captain.

We will go south by 15 miles, west by 20 miles and make a turn around the island.

Great Captains, having the most knowledge on water, direct the best path for their ships.  They clearly tell their plans to provide smooth journey for the ship.  A Great Dota Captain should also be clear with his plans and be transparent to his team, no secrets or laziness to explain. Dota Captains are the ones responsible for the strategy of the team and he shouldn't be a lazy type Captain at this point. Smooth flow of strategy comes firstly from the clarity of the plan to the whole team then execution and practice are next.

Pirates? Prepare for Battle!

Ship Captains would do everything to defend their ships, may it be from natural calamities or external opponents like pirates.  Great Dota Captains wouldn't let anyone beat his team without fighting and defending.  They may win or lose but the Captain won't be hiding like a chicken in a cage.  He would be all around the ship giving instructions based on his professional knowledge and strategic wit.  He would be there to fight.

Abandon ship? Go, but I will stay...

Great Ship Captains, who fought so hard for their ships then end up losing and people are evacuating from them, preferred to be with their ships and die.  Some will think this is foolish but looking deeper, you cannot blame them.  They loved their ships so much and they cannot afford looking at it sink from a lifeboat.  This is a sign of his high respect for the ship he commanded.

A Great Dota Captain won't leave his team no matter what happens.  He will be with his team through thick and thin.  He will do anything to make his team the best team ever and won't abandon them to have an easy life through joining other teams.
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