Dota Guide Quote for the Day: Meeting and Exceeding

"To be good at something, you have to meet people's expectations; to be great at something, you have to exceed their expectations."
~Your Dota Guide Quote for the Day

I know you might be pressured by this one but great players are always surprising.  If your team mates expected what you're going to do, your enemies would probably expect it too.

1st step - Defining

You first need to know what are your team mates' expectations that you should meet.  If you're a support, they probably expect that you place wards on rune spots and to help the team have map control.  If you're at solo lane, you're expected to be stable on your lane and hopefully dominate it.  If you're in a trilane, you're expected to know the combo.  There are a lot of default things that you're team mates are already expecting from you.

2nd step - Planning

After knowing the expectations of your team mates from you, you now need to plan.  You cannot rush into doing it at once. Plan... You need to plan the best possible way to meet these expectations.  If you need to be stable at your lane you probably need to have proper balance of regeneration items, stats and damage.  Dying a lot on your lane will be below their expectations.

3rd step - Upgrading

Upgrade these expectations to the next level.  If they are expecting you to be stable and survive your lane, upgrade to dominating your opponent in your lane totally.  You now have an upgraded goal that you should meet.  Meeting this goal is exceeding their expectations.

4th step - Believing

This won't happen if you don't believe that you can do it.  Trust your ability to do it.  Focus and give your best for that goal.  Don't hesitate, just do it.
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Anonymous said...

thank you..... NYC one i love itsme gaming

Franklin said...

hahaha yeah ryt
i learn a lot from itsme

Anonymous said...

nice one

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