Game Quote for the Day: Positive Energy

"Radiate positive energy to your team and get positive results."
~Your Game Quote for the Day

Blaming, whining and complaining are some the things players usually do when losing a Dota game.  This negative energy makes the team doesn't want to fully fight anymore.  Once they lost their passion and trust to win the game, it became more difficult to win the game.

I have played a lot of games where we lost early game but end up having a turning point.  This is the result of our determination to wait for their one wrong move that will result to their downfall.  This is because I take the initiative to dispel all my team mate's negative thoughts by explaining to them the reason why I still believe that we can win.

These are the guidelines in radiating positive energy for your team:

1.  Don't find faults, find remedies.

You have to understand that your team mates are humans.  They would really commit errors.  Don't shout at them pointing out how bad their move was.  Instead, be the technician of that action.  An example was when my team mate who was our key to winning a clash was ganged and killed.  Because of that death, the enemies are ready to push our mid lane.  I told them to give the tower while I destroyed the opponent's TOP tower and barracks.

2.  Compliment their good actions

A simple "gj" (good job) means a lot for a player.  They know that their good deeds are appreciated inspiring them to do more good things in the game.  The main reason for this is that you're giving them confidence and we all know that confidence is a very important factor in any sport.

3.  Say "G" before fighting

WTF?  Yes, say "g" before fighting.  This makes them feel that you are confident that you can win the fight.  This is one magical technique in boosting your team's power.  This is like the battle cry of prehistoric wars.  These battle cries aren't made for nothing.  Not only that it is a confidence booster but it also informs the whole team that everyone will now be fighting.  Thus, they won't hesitate joining the war because of this.

4.  Don't show any fear

Scared captain?  What more do you expect from your team?  Being a captain, you are the one they should be looking up to.  You're the role model.  Once you accept that you're scared at the other team, you are not trusting yourself as well as your team mates.

5.  Always play your A game

Once your team mates see how well you're doing in the game, they will be inspired to do well too.  Also think of the best ways to make the game easier for the team.  Pick good heroes, roam if needed to help other lanes, dominate your lane, farm your items quickly, etc.

Radiating positive energy to your team is more important that training for months without motivating them.
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