1 Trait That Made Alton 'kwKy' Aguilar Became a Great DotA Player and Captain

During the days when Itsme Gaming was still a fresh team, Atit and I would normally discuss team mates issues. One of these issues was kwKy is not a team player. Just like the best players in the world, kwKy also started from being an ineffective player.

But, how did he become a remarkable player? Now that he is the Captain of Itsme Gaming, he made the team one of the finest teams ever. There are a lot of players playing for years but why itsme.kwKy improved at a very high rate?

Does he play a lot of Dota games everyday?

No.  He plays a lot of poker games everyday.

 Is he surrounded with Professional Dota Mentors?

No.  He prefers being surrounded with this.

Is he a Nerd?

Nope.  Nerds don't have this.

Maybe he's not getting a life?

You said life?
Is he an introvert?

No. He's a mean boy.

Does he love DotA the most?

Nope.  The one he loves the most is this...

So, what's the trait?

He's not afraid.

He's never afraid to fail.  He joins tournament wherever he can.  He went to other places to fight against stronger players.  He experienced a lot of tragic events, failures and criticisms in his Dota life but after every fall, he will always stand up and fall again until his legs become steel that nothing can ever make him fall again.

In this coming Itsme Dota Tournament may he be an example to all of you.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Experience is the best teacher.  Good luck and Have Fun!
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Anonymous said...

Nice post jack! Go Kwky!

Anonymous said...

really inspiring

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hahaha nc1.

Anonymous said...

kya pla d takot sa tuko eh...

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