Dota vs Basketball

In the philippines, the most played games are Dota Allstars and Basketball.  Have you ever been torn between these 2 games?  I have.  These are my 2 favorite games in general and I want to compare them accordingly. I focused more in Dota maybe because I have more friends who are into this game.  But, did I make the right decision?  Let's discuss...

Level of Fun

Starting with Dota, how can this game not be fun?  You are able to feel like a real warrior while playing this game.  The strategic nature of this game really adds to the fun specially if you are a person who loves using your mind.  The visual and sound effects also contribute to the level of fun of this game.  Other than these facts, it is playing as a team with your friends that makes this game really addicting.

Basketball is quite similar with Dota in terms of the level of fun.  Basketball is also a strategic game, you can feel like a hero every time you win the game for the team and you have the chance to execute team work.  Both Basketball and Dota also requires skills.  In basketball, the skills you should practice and acquire are shooting, dribbling, passing, etc.  In Dota, there are farming, ganking, supporting, mastering heroes' skills etc.  Being a more skilled player allows you to have more fun since you can win most games.  Not being skilled also makes you more into the game because you have a goal, to become skilled.

In terms of the level of fun, Dota beats Basketball a bit, so I'm giving a score of 60-40 in favor of Dota.

Game's Balance

Dota allows anyone to be the best player no matter what height or athletic ability you possess.  In basketball, you need to develop some physical advantages to be more effective.  Tall players have more advantage in rebounding, he just have to develop more awareness.  Short players should increase their vertical leap to beat these players but it still requires perfect timing and prediction.  Basketball is a physical game.  Stronger players can back down weak ones easily.  Another physical advantage is arm length.  Players with long arms are harder to defend and they are better defenders because they can reach farther.

In terms of Balance, Dota beats basketball 80-20.


Do we still need to discuss this?  Playing Basketball can be considered an exercise while playing Dota can make you fat and forces you to inhale people's illnesses if you'd play at the computer shop where breaths are shared.  Some players in computer shop would smoke after 2-3 games making it more unhealthy.  At home you're safer but still, sitting for a long time on your computer chair is unhealthy.  The only advantage of Dota in terms of health is being injury-free.

In terms of health, Basketball beats Dota 90-10.


You can play Dota as long as there is a computer with internet.  Whether you don't have a group of 5 or 10, you can play it anytime.  You cannot play basketball alone.  You need a group, a ball, and a court.  However, you can go to public courts to play with other players but mostly they are full.  You would need to set a schedule with other players to play this game.

In terms of availability Dota beats basketball 70-30.


If you're a great Dota player, you are appreciated by people who plays the game as well.  However if you let your parents or girlfriend come to see you play in the tournament, what will happen is that they wouldn't understand most things in the game.  They'll get bored all through out the game.  After the game, you'd just tell them whether you won or lose and that's when they cheer.  That's why, mostly, you won't see family members supporting Dota players nor girlfriends(that don't know the game).  Whether you became godlike or you amazingly dodged everything, they would hardly know it.

In basketball, family members and girlfriends don't need to know the entire rules to enjoy watching and supporting you.  So the fame extends not only to other Basketball players but to other people who are merely fans.  As long as you or your team scores, these fans would be in the game too.  When you do something heroic they'll knew it.

In terms of Fame Basketball beats Dota 75-25.

Opposite Sex Attraction
Playing Basketball is more attracting to females based from a little survey i made and a bit of common sense.  It is also proven with these pictures.

You made a jumpshot (Basketball)

You made an amazing kill! (Dota)

You dunked! (Basketball)

You are godlike! (Dota)

You made an impossible shot. (Basketball)

You got a rampage! (Dota)

You won (Basketball)

You won (Dota)
In terms of sex appeal, Basketball beats Dota 90-10.

It's now all up to your preferences to choose.  If you're after the fun, thrill, balance and availability, Dota is the best for you.  If you want to be have a cardio exercise while having fun, concern with fame and sex appeal, pick Basketball.  It's not right to generalize what beats what.  It all depends on your preferences.  This post is just to give you a guide on what to choose based from your desires.

Concluding my question if did I make the right decision focusing on Dota?  Yes.  My preferences before were fun, balance, and availability.  I go to gym and occasionally play basketball for health care and fitness.
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Anonymous said...

this is a really great post.....they are both great games dota for the mind and basketball for the i guess i choose both dota for when i just want to relax and basketball for when i want some exercise

Anonymous said...

i<3 iBeBe aLech..


Sino yong team na tinalo namin? walang kahirap hirap we won 4-0 in playoffs...haha

Jack Rodriguez said...

thanks 1st anonymous for the witty comment. great point!

Anonymous said...

Best Blog I've ever read :))

Anonymous said...

Best blog promise!!
can you make a tips how to balance playing dota vs basketball

Anonymous said...

ffffuuuucking awesome guide article !!!!!!!!!!

Picachu said...

My boyfriend is quite addicted to Dota than his basketball game. I just don't know why but thanks for this article, I try to convince him to focus on his fitness more often. Hope this helps.

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xzoner said...

Oh cool review..i learnt more about DOTA

Anonymous said...

LOL God maraming naglalaro pero kulelat sa international scene, stick to basketball.

Ervin said...

I know how to play basketball but i chose DOTA as my game!

Share your Dota Replays, Screenshots, and Stories.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing!!!!it's nice read

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