Dota History in Naga City

Legendary Team Inzane

In the year 2007, when DotA was still fresh and is in it's earliest version, a group of skilled players led by a very intelligent player--Ivan Deterala manifest strategical way of playing this game.  They were the Legendary and most respected Team Inzane.  They exhibited perfect execution of combo strategies that wipes out the entire enemy with a single blow.  They have themselves fighting and winning DotA tournaments back then.  Experiencing defeats make them better because they have the incredible talent of formulating and implementing new strategies to avenge themselves.  They have a perfect chemistry as players and individuals.  After replay sessions and having battle plans, they go out and face anyone.  They became the image of unstoppable force in the region.


Team A
Ivan 'Vanz' Deterala(Leader)
John Rey 'JR' Valerio
Jonathan 'Jojo' Azaña
Oliver 'Pamentz' Pormento
Mark 'oOpz' Bernardo

Team B
Chawie Rosales
Elton 'Watams' Lacson
Jadelson 'Smiley' Calleja
Kel Maninang
Mcdon Fernandez

Mejai the Legend Slayer
Legendary Mejai

While Team Inzane is considered to be the scariest team in the region, a chinese guy named Jaime Concepcion came from Manila to Naga.  He started showing great skills in the game.  Because of his love for the game, he went to many computer shops to play.  Players in Naga City was so amazed with his ability to carry a team singlehandedly to victory.  I heard people giggling upon seeing this chinese fat guy.  The weird thing is they're all guys.  He even had a record of winning a 1v5 match.

Then he entered JTSI, the shop where Team Inzane are playing.  He was brought by Codz Dy here and introduced him to team Inzane.  Then, game time.  Mejai with random players vs Team Inzane.  He picked Necrolyte.  His team mates, random players in the shop, picked their best heroes too.  Then the legendary Team Inzane played with combo strategy.  Then, Mejai finally lost.  He didn't even have the chance to show his skills because of the great strategy and team work of Team Inzane.

Nobody knows that this Chinese Fat Guy is the Armageddon sent to put an end to Team Inzane.  Mejai, who was challenged because of his despicable defeat, planned to form a team with Codz.  Codz being a very friendly person knew players who have potencial at the game.  Tan-tan Osea, my idol in CD6 when I was still noob, joined forces with the chinese team.  Then, it didn't take long to form a group of 5.  Thanks to Codz, TJ was born.

Team TJ
Jaime 'Mejai' Concepcion (Leader)
Christian Oliver 'Codz' Dy
Christian 'Tan-tan' Osea
Mark Louie 'Maloy' Viñaz
John 'Jobo' Llaguno

The Historical Match Inzane vs TJ

Mejai, now having the power to lead his team mates, shows his strategical hero picking.  He countered the Remarkable Chen of inz.Vanz with Codz's Earthshaker.  It was the first time Earthshaker was introduced with blink dagger here.  Mejai used Queen of Pain to escape the deadly combo of Inzane and for greater clash damage too.  Though Mejai's team mates were considered to be underdogs back then, Mejai brought confidence to his team.  He farmed so fast.  He got his Eyes of Skadi so quickly that made him carry his team easier.  I was so amazed how he blinks behind the 5 Inzane to confuse them. He is so brave that his team mates got confidence to perfectly set up their clash fights.  Then at the end of the game, TJ defeated Inzane.

It was a good thing though because Inzane would be challenged to be become better. TJ became the strongest team in Naga City.

Sean: Mejai's Worst Nightmare
Mejai Slayer Sean
Sean Ronan is really the worst nightmare of Mejai.  Sean was just a normal player.  He wasn't even part of Inzane.  But Mejai's Era didn't last long because of this clever player.  Sean doesn't farm fast like Mejai.  He doesn't kill 3 to 5 heroes in one clash.  He simple gangs.  In the tournaments where TJ would defeat Inzane, Sean would always be there to beat TJ.  Soon I found out that Sean joined Mejai's team.  I don't know what happened but I guess it's the best choice for Mejai to join him because he can't beat him. (lol).  So I guess Mejai recruited sean offering sean a burger.  TJ disbanded and became Team Mej.

Team Mej 

Jaime 'Mejai' Concepcion (Leader)
Christian Oliver 'Codz' Dy
Christian 'Tan-tan' Osea
Sean Joshua Ronan
Kenneth Taiño

Now Team Mej became a stronger team with Sean, a deadly ganker, on the team.

Team Neydz
Team Neydz was led by me.  It was a team me and my josephean friends to join Rockstah Tournament.  We knew we had no chance against top teams but we wanted to get better so we joined.  I was a student of the Inzane, inz.oOpz.  He taught me not by teaching me everything step by step.  He always bring me to JTSI where skilled players are playing.  So I tried to develop a team of my own.

Jack 'JAK' Rodriguez
Seth 'xEt' Dialino
John 'jan' Agor
Mathew 'Pangkoi' Largo
Yit 'Crasher' Chua (Rockstah Tournament)
Adonis 'Heaven' Cecillo (Command Center tournament)

We joined tournaments having hero picks based on what was strong during our pub games.  I don't want to copy other teams' hero picks so we fought them with our own strats.  I have players with great potentials but
we lack experience because we were shy to play at JTSI.

Team XO
xo.xet, xo.jak, xo.atit
This is the team that destroyed Team Mej.  Not by another 'Dota Pro' but by teamwork.  Team XO was formed after team Neydz was disbanded.  Mathew 'Pangkoi' Largo changed his heart to the game Perfect World.  Adonis disappeared for unknown reason.  Ramaida Computer Shop with more than 40 computers brought all teams together in one place but we were down to 3 members.  Me, xet, and jan.  We tried fighting Team Mej, having 2 random players.  We were raped so hard.  We found Jestoni 'Jes' Bamba, a good farmer.  We tried facing team Mej again, we were raped again.  Then, we found the Almighty Francis 'Atit' King.

King of Clash Atit
Jack 'JAK' Rodriguez (Leader)
Seth 'Xet' Dialino
John 'Jan' Agor
Francis 'Atit' King
Jestoni 'Jes' Bamba

We faced team Mej with our complete rosters.  The 4 of us was intimidated by thinking that we are facing a strong team.  We were fighting like cowards.  Atit speaks words that made us fight.  We still lost but it was starting to be a good fight. 2nd and 3rd game we lost again but on the 4th game, XO defeated Team Mej.  Then we win most of the games against them, inzane and any other teams. We have great potencials but we just lacked confidence before.  Jan is a great ganker with perfect timing skills.  Xet has a very quick hands and mind.  Jes is a very fast famer.  Atit has great clash ability.  XO was unstoppable because of team play.

itsme won 2nd spot at Netopia Nationwide Tournament

XO disbanded because of these reasons:  I got my own internet connection at home.  I don't go out anymore I just play DotA at home using Garena.  Xet doesn't want to play garena because of quitters.  Jan focused on studies.  When garena was accepted by people in Naga, they started using it.  Alton 'kwKy' Aguilar started to play with some of ex team Mej and ex team XO.  Then they dominated the bayantel rooms.  I was playing at pldt room but I told them that I am going to make a clan in garena.  Let's change our gg ID's.  I named it ITSME based from Atit's playmate in starcraft.

ITSME is a clan of friends.  Any of our friends are part the team.

We formed a team to participate in Netopia Tournament and ended up 2nd place nationwide.

ITSME rosters for netopia

Alton 'kwKy' Aguilar
Francis 'Atit' King
Christian Oliver 'Codz' Dy
Jestoni 'Jes' Bamba
Eldrige 'Ldrige' Lim
Jack 'JAK' Rodriguez

After that game, many of us, including myself, retired and will just play the game when we have free time.  kwkY was training in Manila so I gave the leadership to DESO who was a new member of itsme back then.  I saw great potential in him but he doesn't have that much experience leading a team so ITSME was on its way being disbanded.  But kwKy came back, revive and improved ITSME to being a PRO team.  Being a complete player and leader, kwKy proved to the people that ITSME is the best team in Naga City.

2010's Team itsme 

2010 Team Itsme

Alton 'Kwky' Aguilar (Leader)
Mark Joseph 'DESO' Abasolo
Seth 'KingEx' Dialino
Elton 'Watams' Lacson
Sean 'Nahs' Ronan

2011's Team Itsme for Netopia

Team iDota

Alton 'Kwky' Aguilar (Leader)
Mark Joseph 'DESO' Abasolo
Nico 'JAM' Bautista
Seth 'KingEx' Dialino
Eldrige 'Ldrige' Lim
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