My Personal View on the Game Style of my Team Mates

This is a little observation on my teammates' play styles and a little comparison between some professional dota players. 


Our team's main Assassin

Ganking is my favorite job for itsme.titi. His ganking ability made Team ITSME a traumatic experience for those who tried playing with us. He will make sure that his team mates will have an advantage on all lanes. He will also assure less gold for enemies. The enemies on the lane will be like "omg, he's here, back to tavern". The only problem is that he hates seeing heroes escape with about 10hp left. He will chase him wherever he goes and whatever it takes. This is why i compare his playstyle with Vigoss. A great ganker but wont leave anything left on his plate. 

I consider itsme.titi a good carry too. There are a lot of players who farms well than titi. But you can see his items always full when he plays carry. After being his team mate for more than 3 years, I can say that he has a total clash awareness. I consider him "King of Team Fights". He would always have a double, triple kill or more. He would kill all enemies and you would see him go back to base with very low hp. He is a rambo who doesn't die. That is where he farm his items. From enemy heroes. Great Clash Awareness and Ganking ability make him Team ITSME main Assassin.


Our team's main carry

I can compare his playstyle with misery. He is precise in measuring damage outputs, cool downs, etc. He farms fast. He outlast hits his opponent on the lane. Solo lane is best for him. When this guy is noisy while playing, it is a sure win. He takes pride with his Shadow Fiend. He wont let any team beat his SF easily. If a rylai ganked his SF. The next event you'll see is a rylai eating all the souls from SF's requiem. kwKy is a very cautious player. If you are not a skilled ganker, it is impossible for you to gank this guy. He has this imagination on heroes that are missing. Accompanied with observer wards, he's god. His fast farm and ability to dominate a solo lane is what made him ITSME main carry.


Our team's main Superstar

Before anything else, I would make this clear.

There are two itsme.Nahs in one body.

The old Nahs(And dating sean) and the new Nahs(ang feeder na sean)

I can compare the old Nahs to KuroKy for having a perfect predicting and farming ability.

I can compare the new Nahs to a delicious meal for having a perfect feeding ability.

I'll tell you more about the old Nahs. This guy has a lot of strategies in his mind. He had told me one but I wont write it here of course. I share my strategies but not others' strats. Itsme.Nahs(old) is so hard to kill. He would play with you with his puck. He can almost dodge anything. He has this great ability of damaging enemies a lot before the enemy can even touch him. His POTM is accused to be maphacking for his blind arrows. His axe makes enemies quit for too much irritation in their minds. His Viper wont make you sleep at night. He is a player who is always calm. He just laughs at it when he dies. His ability to read minds is what made him ITSME main superstar


Our team's main support

I can compare his playstyle with the asian Papaxiong.

A perfect support player who can serve a main pest to opponents on the lane. He would do Merlini moves that would lead to chasing opponents getting lost in the forest. Ldrige on support means high level of game for team ITSME.


Our team's main farmer

His play style is same with that of Loda. This is the only player in ITSME who can die a lot but would shock you with his items. Ganking is not an option when fighting against him. He is the fastest farmer in the team and if you want to beat ITSME when his around, be sure you can match the farm of an accused gold hacker. Oh, 1 more thing. When there's bet on the game, he even gets better. Maybe because he is looking forward to farming your money too xD. Being an insurance of winning makes him itsme main farmer.


I can say he is our LightOfHeaven in the team. He is a fast farmer but was obliged to change role into support. So, now I can say that when you saw him play crystal maiden, expect us not losing map control because he always have plenty of wards bought. Also, expect to feel rylai's Aganims with blink. 


Another solid player of itsme. You can see him in a lane rarely. He would be all around the map, ganking. OS|StalCat of OS team resembles much of his playstyle. Lane in the beginning, then, nonstop ganking follows. 


He is our team's Hexor. The reason would be because of having a lot of amazing moves in the game. He would dodge echo slam with his wave form. He would have double kills with no assists. He would juke while regenerating and finish you off if you don't kill him fast. He would predict your next move before you even think of it. He is also one of the fastest farmer in the team. Tip: If you want to live when you're laning with this guy, be very alert. One wrong move, you're a dead meat for shitty.


He is our team's MaNia. He would catch you all in his impale once he have dagger. You would feel his epicenter before you know he's there. A good ganker. Heroes with disables pushed his potentials to maximum. He would play few bad games after not playing for more than a week. Then, after regaining his strats in his mind, the real game begins."


He is a farm machine too. Though i see his potentials in melee heroes more, he is proving that he can farm fast too using range heroes. I can compare him with JohnnyUtah because of being a melee hero master. I admire JohnnyUtah's PL and Yurnero but not his range heroes. DESO is a player whom I think would be better than all of us in the future. Only that he still lack experience now. For now, most of us think of DESO as a pure farmer who fight when he's already equipped with sick items.


He is one of the most improved player among my team mates. He does well in carry role. He's more of the player Jolie. He plays very good games and does very bad ones too. When he plays his "very good game" he can carry a not-so-strong team to victory.

itsme.sneaT (whattaface)

My favorite team mate. Know why? He would obey any command I say. He trust the leader so much that he would fight the enemy fountain if I say so. He is an ex-carry player who is now a good support player. I'm a fan of his Bane Elemental who can sleep enfeeble zap grip in less than 2 seconds then smoke while his hero is gripping another hero. Watch out too. When you see an itsme.sneaT on a hero. I assure you, the hero is not as soft as you think. His rylai have vanguard defiance and so with other heroes. I can't compare his playstyle to any players because I don't know who is the best follower among all the pro teams.

itsme.Mejz (Litz Gaming na to ngayon pero lagay ko pa rin)

The one who started PRO gaming in Naga City. He organized a team to beat the reigning best team, Team Inzane. He was the most popular Dota player in Naga City back then. People in and outside Naga City would be shivering in fear just hearing the name ...... MEJAI!!!!.... His play style can be associated with Snoy. Enemies on his lane would be under-level because of his sick harassing skills. Enemies facing him on his lane will surely be "baog" or infertile xD. He will farm his basic items so fast and would gank everyone. With his fast hands and his alertness, he is so hard to kill. Before you can kill his hero, he would be having an Ultra Kill first. His qop is invincible. His SF is a killing machine.

Oh, that was before. Mejz today not that skilled anymore. He is into gay games and level-up games that make him less alert in dota. I'm amazed how slow his farming is today. However, if he play Dota seriously again, he can match even known PRO asian players.


He may not be one of the strongest player but he is the only one here in Naga City that can make my knee shake. This is because of his High IQ. His observations are critically superb and his plans are simple but most of the time deadly. His playstyle, in opinion, is like that of the retired MYM|slahser. He doesn't farm that fast but he is going to surprise you after he won a battle of skilled hero vs fat hero. He has a great lane as well as clash awareness. Although he's not that good today anymore, I still see him as the wisest player i've ever played with. 
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