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People often want to know how to farm gold fast in DotA, which is a lot different from me. I am thirsty for blood when I'm playing that I tend to roam a lot. Roaming is fun for me, but then, I expect the carry heroes of our team to be equipped with their needed items as soon as possible so that we can take advantage and destroy towers easily. However, some players want to show off their mad farming skills by farming the whole game. This is not fun at all for me. I don't find self-esteem in having 5 divine rapiers but having 0 kills. I better play 4 v 5 than have a Greedy Gold Farmer team mate. However, farming is also essential in winning games. Here are some guides in getting more gold in less time.

Don't Die

Dying means you waste your farmed gold and you waste time at the tavern instead of dying. Learn how to play safe. ZSMJ, one of the legendary farmer, will stay away from creeps if he doesn't see the gankers on the map. He knows how crucial it is if you'll be killed in the game.

Do Last Hitting Drills

Drills will improve your timing when will you attack the creep that will guarantee sure gold. One drill is playing in single player mode and try to have 100 creep kills(kills + deny) in 10 minutes. Doing this often will make you have high accuracy of getting a fast farm in real games. Another drill is playing single player against 5 AI's. AI's are programmed to have perfect last hit and deny. If you can farm against 5 AI's effectively, it would be easy for you to farm against any human player.  This is one drill our best farmer, itsme.DESO, is doing often. 

Consider Your Hero's Animation

You should measure the time the damage is done after you click the creep. Heroes like Krobelus and Lina have slower animation that you need to attack the creep earlier than usual. Kardel is different, where after clicking the enemy creep the damage is done in very less time. Melee heroes are easier because you only need to observe their hitting animation while Range heroes needs to consider their distance and animation of the attack.

Look at the Mage

One easy way to last hit effectively is looking at the mage. Among all the creeps fighting, the mage usually have the highest damage. Mage will hit the enemy creep in constant rate so it will be easy for you to decide when to attack. After the mage attacks and you know it'll be one blow before the creep die, it's time for you to click it. This is effective but in some cases, it's not. Like when you have 2 or more mages, or you have a catapult that does more damage than the mage. In this case you have to consider the rate of hp reduction of the creep.

Neutral Creeping for Extra Gold

Neutral Creeps gives you enough amount of gold that Enigma can farm a dagger in 8mins. Thus, on the average, neutral creeping can give you 268 gold in one minute. Neutral Creeping also gives you additional safety from gankers. If you have wards, it'll be harder for you to be killed.

Dominate the Lane

If you dominate a lane, chances are you'll get a good farming time because enemy won't be there to harass you. Thus, if you happen to kill enemy heroes there also are additional golds to make you have your items quicker.

Don't Waste Gold

Wasting gold, like buying TP and using them to teleport on a towers but it's not that urgent to use it, slows down the rate of your farming. Example, when your creeps are far away from your tower. You can walk to your tower and when you reach your tower chances are the enemy creeps are just reaching your tower along with you. You saved 135 gold from impatient teleportation. TP is vital to the game but you should use it wisely, like backing up a team mate. You'll need 3-4 creeps to farm 135 gold again. Thus you'll be delayed in farming.

Use Your Skills Wisely

Don't rely on spamming spells to farm. Spamming spells helps you push not farm. Yes, you can kill the creeps by spamming spells. Spam spells when needed like if you have to choose over 2 or 3 creeps having their hp deteriorate at constant rate. There you can use your AOE spell. Spamming AOE spells makes you go back to the fountain back and forth because you wont be ready if any clash happens if you don't have mana.

Maximize the Map

Map optimization is important to have your luxury items. Burning(EH.Gigabyte.AAA), another pro farmer, farmed a lot by moving all over the map where there is creeps. This was when they were waiting for the opponents to come out and make some error. Search for the creeps, don't make them come to you, because they wont.

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Nice tutorial!!THANKS!!!

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