ITSME: Daet DotA Tournament Champion 2010

Itsme Gaming just grabbed another title, the Daet DotA Tournament Champion. Jes Bamba, a legend of itsme gaming, told kwKy that there would be a tournament at a computer shop in his hometown, Daet. Kwky, then, formed a team of itsme members who are available to have a trip to Daet for days. Shawn, Eldrige, Carl, Tofi, Watams and Froi joined him to represent itsme gaming at the tournament. They left naga at 8am and arrived in Daet at 10am.

There was a little problem where they need to form another group to entry at the tournament. There were a total of 4 teams who would battle for the gold. The rules would be CM or AR depending on what the team agreed upon.

Itsme Gaming



hugot from daet
another hugot

Team T@J (The daet allstars team)


Team HP (A High School Player team)

1st round
Itsme Gaming vs HP
They agreed to play cm mode. It was a close fight. Kwky was surprised by the game play of these high school students. Itsme took the fight seriously and won that round.

T@J vs Isgimmin
They agreed to play AR mode. T@J, luckily, got levi brood apparition venom and windrunner and gave them an easy win over Isgimmin.

2nd round

Isgimmin vs HP
They now played on CM mode. HP's solid team play brought them to victory against Isgimmin.
Isgimmin (0 - 2)
HP (1 - 1)

T@J vs Itsme Gaming
They agreed to play in CM mode. Itsme Gaming managed to beat the daet allstars in their first encounter bringing Itsme Gaming on the waiting spot.
Itsme Gaming (2 - 0)
T@J (1 - 1)

Round 3

T@J vs HP
The game was cm mode. T@J, winning against HP, will be the one to fight Itsme Gaming in the Finals.
T@J (2-1)
HP (1 - 2)

Itsme Gaming vs T@J game 1
This is a close match but an overfarmed windrunner won the fight for T@J.

Itsme Gaming vs T@J game 2

After losing the first round, kwKy made the necessary adjustments to make the team more effective. Then, they managed to have the 2nd round on their side.

Itsme Gaming vs T@J game 3
Score is tied to 1-1. This game, being a do or die match, made kwKy ban Jes's main hero(Dragon Knight) in the tournament. Not because he was scared but because Jes is just too comfortable with that hero. It is to limit Jes's potential in the game. This brilliant decision made Itsme Gaming have an easy final round.

Congratulations, Itsme!

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