My First 6.70 DotA Map Game Review

I just finished my first game in the latest DotA map version, 6.70. I wanted to use the new heroes but the opponents are just too quick to pick them, so I just went random. The hero I got was leshrac. I laned solo top because 3 of my team mates preferred bottom lane. So I faced tuskar and phoenix alone. I didn't know what skills they have so I just try to stay away from them as much as possible and try to get some creeps safely. Then here comes level 4. I saw a f*cking snow ball so I ran back as fast as I could. They got me and my poor leshrac was torn apart. Then, I came back.  I tower hugged because I know what would happen to my hero if they would be able to click me. I just farm when creeps reach my tower. I survived. Then, they reached level 6. They were so confident to kill me that they roll again using their snow ball towards me. I said: "Yes, now's the chance to have revenge and kill them both because of their impatience."  Right before I can click my split earth to stun both of them, my hero flew in the air and died when it fell. I was like wtf, I can't afford to have another death. I'm 0-2 now. I just roam, push other lanes, farm neuts. The other heroes tried to gank them but end up dying making our opponents dominate early game. My team mates became really scared at these heroes. When I finally got my BKB. I told them to push. They said we'll die. So, I waited for the enemy to push. When they pushed, our earthshaker was caught by the rolling snow where the opponents surprised him and killed quickly. He had lost his hope so his next move was to quit. We still won the clash because they cannot damage me that much because of my BKB. I told them to make one too if they want to survive. I was glad, they did. After we all got our BKB, The opponents inside the rolling ball are like crunchy meats inside a white bun. We were waiting for them to come and to have them for dinner. We easily won the game after they gain their confidence back from getting owned early game. 

I find the new heroes imbalanced because it can dominate a lane damn good. If used in CM mode, I'd prefer leaving that lane with a solo potm which can just leap out of their combo. Tuskar have his ball, phoenix has his long range ray that are really strong in a trilane situation. I recommend BKB against Phoenix to be able to enter the battle effectively. Tuskar is a hitter, in my opinion, but BKB is needed against this hero for you not to be stunned by his snow ball thingy and prevent him from making his strong walrus punch on you. Also, he has a skill that will slow you giving him more chance to hit you with his old hand. Making a ghost scepter can free you from his walrus punch but what if a lina is rolling with him. aw? That's all for now, I'd give a formal map review after we have played a lot of games, pub and cm.

To summarize:

Strong at lanes specially with good allied heroes
Good Clash Initiator
Good at trapping and slowing to guarantee more hero kills
Skills have low mana requirement
His snow ball cannot be stopped. He can cause the team to be killed in one blow after making all his team roll with him towards the opponents.
Ultimate can be countered by ghost scepter if he tries to kill alone. This makes him a team mate dependent hero.
Doesn't have much potential in late game. Walrush punch buff has 18 seconds cool down. Enough time for a shadow fiend with manta to kill him.

Hard to kill because of Dive and skill.
Cheap mana requirements
Can damage opponents safely because of his long range beam with slowing ability and his fire spirits.
His ultimate turns him into an egg thing that makes him invulnerable.
Strong at trilane because of long range nuke and dive.
Can chase fleeing opponents easily and slow him to death.
Easily countered by BKB
Doesn't have much late game potential

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