Dota Guide: Best Lessons I Learned to Improve My DotA Game

I'd like to share this to everyone because maybe some people may also learn from my lessons.  After 5 years of playing this game,  I knew the game well enough to determine the winning formulas for most DotA games.  This was the product of both my passion for the game and hardwork to build a good DotA team.

Here are the Best Lessons I Learned to Improve my Dota Game

Never rush things

This the most important thing I've learned that made me have a better DotA game.  I was used into rushing.  Rushing to push, rushing to gank, rushing to kill, resulting to rushing to the tavern and wait for my respawn.  I was so impatient before that I even get pissed if my team mates are still farming.  I want action and I want to dominate the game as early as 10 minutes.  My impatience caused a lot of defeats.  I always end up under leveled and I never had the chance to farm luxury items.

Never skip basic items

I was used into playing lina in pub games where I always dominate by buying dagger before boots or other basic items.  I would gank alone with my combo and go back to the fountain.  Then gank again.  It was pub game where my opponents would be troll mortred etc.  When it comes to facing opponents with perfect team play, while Lina would be farming her dagger, the team may already be dominating and you are already feeding because of skipping the basics.  Always remember to win at your lane. 

Keeping my eyes on the mini-map

Looking at the mini map often made me quicker to respond.  Once I see a red dot charging towards my team mates, I'll sure be there to back them up and turn the gank into our advantage.  Thus when, opponents are not seen on the mini map, I can decide to either search for them or to play safe because a gank may be coming.  My reactions become quicker because of having the habit of keeping my eyes on the mini map.

Don't hesitate to buy wards

Observer wards became my favorite item in this game because of its ability to give me a lot of 'W'.  Observer wards are saviors of my hero's life.  They also serves as an offensive tool for searching and trapping opponents.  Before, I didn't want to buy wards because I feel like I'll be delayed in my items.  I realized that my death costs more money than wards.  If I bought wards, I'll be safe and I wont lose farming time.

Early Sentry/Dust/Gem

Don't wait for anybody to buy this for you.  Most invisible heroes have low hp and it is a waste if you don't abuse their big disadvantage.  Buy sentry/dust and kill them.  Buy gem if you are confident enough that you wont die. Not killing invisible heroes early game will make them farm deadly items to finish you off on the latter part of the game.  You'll lose and all your efforts will all be wasted if you don't take the initiative to buy these items.

Trash Talk

It's not the trash talking that you make to quarrel your opponents.  This trash talk is useful if you are playing on lan.  Trash talk serves two things.  First, it gives confidence to your team mates.  I tested this a lot of times.  My team mates played better when I trash talk.  They become more calm and they can think better.  2nd thing, you can psych out your opponents when you trash talk.  This will test their mental toughness.  If they are affected by your trash talks, their game will greatly be affected.

Read Hero Guides

I don't have hero guides here yet.  I recommend for this.  They have good authors that give hero guides on their favorite heroes.  They give detailed information on the do's and don'ts, item and skill build, strategy early to late game etc.  After reading, apply them in your game and apply your original creativity.  It will make you play the hero better.

Watch Professional Replays

To improve more in playing certain heroes watch professional players play it.  Use them as inspirations to your game in playing the certain hero.

Play Against Good Players

Never have the quest "search for the noob".  Always fight against players who inspire you.  Don't play against weaker players just to make you feel good.  If you really want to improve, beat players who are on top of you.

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