Dota Guide: Using Failures for Improvement

You failed? That's great! You're one step away from improvement. Failing is normal, being afraid to fight is not. Not having the guts to fight means you already lost. No matter how strong your opponents are, fight. Feeling frustrated after losing a fight is alright but don't dwell on it for a long time. We all want to win but in order to do that we should first learn the game.  If you lost, it just means that you still have more room for improvement.  Though other Pro players played this game for more than 5 years already, they still do commit mistakes. Don't rush into winning at once. There are a lot to consider and to analyze in this game and the only way to make this possible is to be brave enough to take the risk of failing.

Great people failed too
Michael Jordan was cut of from high school varsity team but proved to be the best ever to play basketball. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination and had no original ideas, but look at how every Disney films are loved and patronized by people of all ages until now. Bill Gates failed in his businesses before getting into Microsoft and became a billionaire. Even the best people on every field, failed. Don't be afraid to fail. In fact, when someone would ask me how to have the best team in the world, I'd give a prescription of failing 3 times a day. You may experience a lot of trash talks and stuff, but so what? They can't hurt you without your consent. It's up to you if you would accept those words. You just have to believe in yourself no matter what. Have your goal on your mind and use your experience in reaching it.

Analyze Every Failures

Don't analyze how bitter the feeling of the failure was, analyze all the factors that lead to failing. Failing alone wont make you improve. Don't just fail and drink after because your failure would be useless. There are a lot to analyze why you lost. Lane control, ganking, hero picks, team fights, map control. It is better to save your replays and watch it to see the errors clearly. Whenever I lose a game, I try to think of the best move I could have make instead of committing the certain error. I also watch enemy's point of view to know their strategy, so that we wont lose to same strategy again.  If you don't any coach to give you dota guides and strategies, you can rely on mr. experience.  He is the best coach you'll ever have.

Have a Conclusion

After analyzing your failures, decide what adjustments your going to make. Stick to this plan. Do your adjustments in your next games. Don't make the same errors and execute your new strategy. Chances are your games will improve. If ever you fail again, detect the errors and make the necessary adjustments again. After tons of failures and adjustments, I bet you are already one scary DotA beast.  You will improve in anything not just in DotA if you always try new things and know if what works best.

Learn From Failures of Other Players

A lot of Professional DotA Replays are uploaded everyday. We have Gosugamers, DotaSgamer,, playdota, MyMym, Mineski, itsme, and other sites that upload Pro replays. You could use the replays of pro teams to your advantage. They are pro teams and errors are very minimal but they occur in every single game. Watch very carefully and analyze every aspects of the game. Conclude on what should and not be done based from the replays you've watched. Don't just watch to get yourself entertained like what most people do. A lot of people are complaining after watching a replay that it was boring because the team turtled or played safe. What they do not understand is that the teams are just being careful because in DotA, you can lost in one wrong move.

DotA guides and strategies websites like this one are good to give you advice on how to improve your DotA games but nothing can ever beat experience.  Fail, stand up and fight better.  Don't ever ever give up.  Giving up means end of everyone's career.  If I gave up when I was still a noob, I'm sure there would be no itsme dota website right now.  I would just be another failure out there who didn't have the courage to fight. 
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