Dota 6.72 Suggestions

I'm glad that Dota is becoming more balanced and fun.  In 6.70 through 6.71b, there have been a lot of nerfs on 'imbalanced' heroes like Morphling, Alchemist, Pugna, Tuskar, Phoenix, etc.  6.71b is still the latest Dota version available at GetDota.  The release date of 6.72 is still unknown but Icefrog needs your help.  Speak out your mind at the Dota-Blog.  He wants your feedback and suggestions. 

As for me, I was glad with most of the changes, specially for the buyback cool down.  I like the smoke of deceit, the nerfs on heroes and other new items like the Ancient Tango of Endurance.  I like having many choices.  It makes us more unpredictable.

My suggestions on 6.72 are:
Nerf tuskar more.  If he happened to be in CM mode, Tuskar would always be a top ban because if not, it is like risking your early game.
Make a more powerful ward counter to smoke of deceit may it cost 500 or more, we would need that to avoid turning points.
More Ghost Scepter upgrades.  I love that item but I don't think I'll consider upgrading it to Ethereal Blade if I'm using Leoric or support heroes.  I use it on lina against average teams but against stronger teams, it's a different case.
Meepo upgrade.  Meepo was nerfed badly with that damage decrease of spoof.  Even Kuroky doesn't play it anymore.  AOE nukes and disables are picked often.  Meepo should be upgraded in terms of survival.  It seems unfair for people who loved that hero and took time practicing it.

These are some of mine, what are yours?
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Anonymous said...

agree with your suggestions. i wish there would be more new items for support

Anonymous said...

I just want have the option to cancel a pudge's hook while in animation, like you can do with some missiles stuns (venge/sven), or raigor's fissure or sf's shadowraze...

Some times you really see that where you spotted the hook is really wrong, but you can do nothing but smash your table ou mouse :(

Jack Rodriguez said...

rofl @anonymous no.2 i'll definitely suggest this to icefrog. :)

Anonymous said...

magina void and blink...still struglling...grrrr

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