Happyfeet Destroyed Fountain in MPGL Finals

After losing in game 1, Happyfeet, retaliated and showed to Softvision who's the boss. Happyfeet, in their second game, destroyed the well of SoftVision. Fans are arguing that Happyfeet weren't serious with the picks in first game. I don't want to agree but Happyfeet always do have their core heroes like Shadow Fiend, Priestess of the Moon, Dragon Knight, etc. In this game, there was none. Their mid heroes was Ogre Magi and Chen. They picked traxex too. No one knows except the Happyfeet players.

Happyfeet is the Champion of MPGL this month.  It is a back to back victory for them Congratulations Happyfeet! 

Here's the link of game 2: Happyfeet vs SoftVision G2
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