Happyfeet vs Minerva Game Review|The Net Tournament Finals

Once again, Happyfeet and Minerva faced each other in the finals but this time the epic battle happened at the Net Dota Tournament. This is Happyfeet vs Minerva Finals Game 1.


Happyfeet (Sentinel)
Happyfeet-CWR (top)
Happyfeet-JULZ (mid)
Happyfeet-WOOTZ (bot)
Happyfeet-JOHN* (bot)
Happyfeet-g6^Rr (bot)

Minerva (Scourge)


Minerva.RyĆ°w² (mid)
Minerva.Rggg (bot)
Minerva.Chad¹ (bot)
Minerva.nrrrrrr (bot)

Overall Review:
If you always watch Happyfeet replays, you can say that their hero drafting doesn’t change a lot.  They have their tier heroes that they just play to its full potential.  Their picks may be predictable but it’s a fact that their hero picks covers every aspect of the game.  Its flexibility gives them variety of strategies and the ability to adjust their play in their games. 
Minerva, on the other hand, focused mainly on ambush and sacrificed other aspects of the game as seen on the chart.

 Now on the actual game, Morphling faced Batrider at the top lane.  This is a hard lane for Morphling.  He has range disadvantage and using his waveform would make him in trouble.  He did die twice against Batrider in less than 10 minutes.

Shadow Fiend, at the mid lane, has no problem against Stone Giant.  Stone Giant received continuous harassments from Shadow Fiend but survived using bottle-crow.  This caused shadow fiend to farm his Lothar’s Edge in 13 minutes.

Bottom lane is where the trilane battle occurred.  Minerva totally dominated the trilane with Necrolic on it.  Necrolic with Rogue Knight’s AOE nuke and Crystal Maiden’s disables plus mana regeneration for the team won the bottom lane for Minerva.

Early to mid game was a total disaster for Happyfeet.  Minerva had a non-stop killing with their gank-oriented line up.  I nearly asked myself if the spoiler I saw was right.  I thought Minerva would win the game.  They kill anyone they see on the map.  Morphling had hard time farming.  Earthshaker got reached 0-5.  Minerva executed their ganking plan perfectly.

Just when everything was going well for Minerva, there was a sudden shift in the dominating team when they decided to end the game.  They need to end the game early because they don’t have much late game potential as stated in the chart.  However, their heroes aren’t designed for 5v5 battles.  Minerva, forcing to push, lost in 3 huge clashes making them lose the game.

I am amazed with Happyfeet's ability to recover from a total wreck game.  Though I consider Shadow Fiend to be the MVP of this game, the Echoslam at 22 minute mark turned the wheel for Happyfeet.  I salute Minerva for being fun to watch and being unique though it's risky.

Highlights of the Game
[00:38] First blood attempt by Rogue Knight, Crystal Maiden and Batrider on Shadow Fiend failed.  Thanks to Earthshaker who’s planning to babysit Shadow Fiend.
[1:37] Vengeful Spirit got the first blood for the team killing Necrolic but Slithereen Guard was killed by Crystal Maiden.
[4:31] Vengeful Spirit was killed by Crystal Maiden after being over-aggressive.  -Assists(Rogue Knight, Necrolic)
[4:37] Morphling was killed by Batrider trying to have a normal attack battle.  He used his waveform to damage Batrider and at the same time, escape but Batrider chased him.
[4:40] Rogue Knight killed Earthshaker after his epic block. –Assists(Crystal Maiden, Necrolic)

[6:29] Earthshaker was killed after meeting 3 heroes after trying to respond at mid lane.  Kill goes to Necrolic. -Assists(Rogue Knight, Crystal Maiden) –Location(Sentinel Jungle)
[6:36] Shadow Fiend avenges Earthshaker and killed Necrolic. –Assist(Vengeful Spirit)
[6:53] Vengeful Spirit killed Crystal Maiden after having a support 1v1 battle.
[6:59] Shadow Fiend was being chased by Rogue Knight and Stone Giant but Shadow Fiend Killed Rogue Knight when they reached the Sentinel’s 2nd tower.
[7:01] Stone Giant successfully executed his Toss-Avalanche combo on the low hp Shadow Fiend but right when he was about to land his finishing blow, he got stunned by Earthshaker.  Unluckily, he still managed to land one normal attack but he missed.  At the end, he was the one who died after being hit by the tower and receiving a Shadow Raze from Shadow Fiend.
 [7:22] Batrider killed Morphling for the 2nd time.
[8:04] Rogue Knight Killed Earthshaker in a trilane battle. –Assists(Necrolic, Crystal Maiden)
[9:05] Earthshaker died after being burnt by Batrider and receiving a creep tossed by Stone Giant. –Location(Mid)
[9:40] Batrider and Tiny ganged  and killed Shadow Fiend.
[10:32] Vengeful Spirit and Morphling tried to kill Batrider but he wisely shackled Morphling and drag him to his flame while planning to juke them on the trees.  He could have had a double kill but Morphling escaped through his replicate while Vengeful Spirit died. (Shown in the following images)

[15:00] Stat update
[10:44] ES was ganged by 4 Minerva Heroes at the bottom 2nd sentinel tower.
[11:45] Stone Giant was ganged by Vengeful Spirit and Earthshaker and killed by Shadow Fiend.
[12:21] Vengeful Spirit killed being trapped by Sven and Crystal Maiden. –Location(River near Roshan’s Lair)
[13:16] Batrider killed Morphling chasing him through the first tower but was also killed by Shadow Fiend after Vengeful Spirit teleported to trap him.  Batrider’s Mega Kill ended.
[14:24] 4 Minerva heroes planning to gang mid failed when Stone Giant made an error causing him to die as well as Necrolic who managed to kill Vengeful Spirit.
[15:28] Shadow Fiend and Earthshaker plans to kill Batrider farming at the top lane but Shadow Fiend end up being killed by Stone Giant having no help from Earthshaker.  Minerva may have had the game paused unexpectedly to save because Happyfeet-Julz commented to inform them for pause.
[16:28] Vengeful Spirit was killed by Batrider after getting trapped by Neutral Creeps while placing wards.
[16:36] Stone Giant Killed Morphling.  –Assists(Batrider,Crystal) –Location(Middle Second Tower)
[16:43] Great Escape by Rogue Knight occurred after getting ambushed by Shadow Fiend with his lothars.
[18:21] 4 Happyfeet heroes (no sf) used smoke to gang. They successfully killed Stone Giant who was creeping and Crystal Maiden. –Location(Near the Scourge’s Second Tower)
[19:52] Shadow Fiend was ganged and killed by Batrider and Stone Giant. –Location(Scourge’s Jungle Near 1st tower)
[22:24] Minerva decided to push the 3rd tower at mid lane.  Happyfeet’s Slardar died at once but with Earthshaker’s perfect Dagger Echo Slam they killed managed to defend the tower and kill 4 Minerva heroes giving Morphling an Ultra Kill.  Stone Giant escaped.
[25:30] Minerva, realizing that they lack late game advantage, tried to push again.  A huge clash happened.  The clash turned out to be 3-2 in favor of Happyfeet.
[29:30] Another fail push by Minerva.  This time it’s 3-0 clash for Happyfeet.  It’s big advantage for Happyfeet at this point.

[30:00] Stat Update
[31:57] Shadow Fiend, while farming, was killed after getting caught by Batrider.  –Location(Bottom Near Scourge 2nd Tower)
[34:00] Slardar was killed in an outnumbered team fight.
[36:04] Happyfeet who were just setting up a push was ambushed by Minerva causing the death of Vengeful Spirit.
[36:15] Happyfeet retaliated by killing Crystal Maiden and Necrolic when the other Minerva heroes teleported to other lanes.
[38:40] Minerva initiated an ambush leading them to kill Vengeful Spirit and Slardar.  Shadow Fiend Killed Batrider.  After that slight lead of Minerva, here comes Earthshaker again.  Shadow Fiend got triple kill after this. Stone Giant escaped. –Location (Sentinel’s Middle lane)
[40:26] Earthshaker was killed after being tossed towards the Scourge’s 3rd tower.
[43:18] Scourge’s Bottom 3rd tower was destroyed by creeps and Shadow Fiend’s illusion.  It was undefended because the 5 Minerva heroes tried to gang heroes using smoke of deceit and didn’t found any unguarded hero. 
[44:00] There was a 4v5 clash on scourge bottom lane, it was a close 1-1 match but Scourge’s 3rd tower was destroyed by Morphling.  He was on his way to destroying the barracks but Stone Giant and Batrider came to defend.  Morphling wasn’t successful but Shadow Fiend was.  Shadow Fiend, unnoticed, destroy the Barracks of the bottom lane.
[45:04] Morphling came back and successfully destroyed the Scourge’s top Barracks.  He was killed but bought he bought back.
[46:58] This is the last clash.  Shadow Fiend was hexed and focused fire by Minerva but after all the disables, he activated his Manta Style and Satanic making his low hp full after few hits.  Happyfeet won after destroying everything on their way (Towers, Barracks and Heroes and the Frozen throne).

Final Stats

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