Dota Guide on How to Push Towers Successfully

In every single game of Defense of the Ancients, no matter how you do it pushing is one vital and the most important thing to do in order to win. Taking down towers in order to get to the main building is one thing that a team or a player needs to master in order to dominate the opponent. Now here are a few tidbits to help you by when it comes to pushing.

Avoid long sieges.

* Make a push as swift and powerful as possible. Laying a long siege on an enemy base or tower may result in your allies going low on HP and MP and may cause some of their skills and ultis to be wasted resulting in unnecessary cooldowns.

Pressure the opponent.

* But not to the extent that you're gonna be reaching a point that everyone in your team is going to be low on HP and MP as stated from above. This scene is commonly seen as a part of the current meta of the game (especially in the PH scene where it is labelled as "pugak") it is an act of doing a 2 lane push wherein 4 members lay siege on one lane while another hero, which is the "one-man-mass-pusher" tries to push another. This is executed by doing a series of "push-and-back-out" tactics in order to break up the members of the opposing team and to outnumber a lane for a clash.

Check the Respawn Timer

* Especially after a teamfight or a successful gank. Know when you're opponents are gonna respawn in order to know when to back out and avoid going into unnecessary teamfights where your team would be placed in a state of utter disadvantage.

Ward Beforehand

* Warding before a push gives a good vision advantage for those fogged areas behind towers, this is to know if there is or are any incoming opponents that are going to defend and would help you decide on when to back out or to continue the push. For a more comprehensive view on pre-push warding you could check it here: S!'s Support Guide

Creep Block

* Have your tank or any AOE/High DPS Carry block or destroy the incoming enemy creepwave in order to have a higher damage output from your own creeps.

Outnumbering the enemy isn't always an advantage

* Always bear in mind what an enemy can do and not how many enemies are left, when pushing and seeing any incoming enemy defender, even if the situation makes you think that you are at the advantage since they are outnumbered, always think to yourself: Will they be able to defend this mass push? Are their spells enough to wipe out our own creep wave? Are our MPs, Spells and Physical Damage enough to take them out swiftly? You must bear this thoughts in mind most especially if you are going against heroes with some sick AOE Spells that could easily deal with massive creep waves.

Avoid the greed

* Going beyond the tower just to kill that incoming enemy defender sometimes gives a dreadful result that gives a huge disadvantage for your team and could lead to a counterpush. As much as possible limit your greed for gold and focus on the enemy tower first before going in for the kill.

Know when to back out

* What's a good way to do after a push? RUN Getting exhausted after doing a siege gives a good advantage for your opponent and could lead your team to a wipeout if you just stay near them after pushing. This is helpful during the early and mid-game phase where most of your teammates MP are easily drawn out from spamming up skills to counter enemy defense or to wiping out creepwaves.

Credits to Salawayun for the article.
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Anonymous said...

Panu po ba ang strategy kapag Int ang kalaban sir

Jack Rodriguez said...

wag ipilit iclash ng 5v5 early. hanap kayo mapipitas para outnumbered sila.

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