Ehome vs DK: Battle of the Best Teams in 2011

After the big trade made by Ehome, it is now hard to determine which team is better...  Ehome or DK?  Ehome's captain remain at Ehome as well as X!! and 357.  X!! was their best mid player, which I learned admired a lot by Maelk.  357 is their main support and teaming up with 820 as support makes Ehome one great solid team.

Unfortunately, KingJ and Burning left Ehome.  KingJ was believed to be the lucky charm of chinese teams.  FTD got him when they first tasted their championship at SMM, then he was with Ehome when they started being indestructible.  Burning is considered to be their most reliable carry.  He is an excellent player in his role.  He can dominate his lane while getting farmed up as quick as possible.

Longdd, one of the most popular player before Asian dota was discovered, joined Ehome.  Lanm too who is also a good player though he's not that popular.

KingJ and Burning are joined by PIS (Yaphets), Benz(Sharingan) and Ksss.  Ksss will be their captain.

Confusing on which team is stronger, isn't it?

Maybe this replay I got here may give the answer.  See it for yourselves.

*The teams aren't complete yet in this match but this will give us an idea on what to expect on their first official match.  Highlighted players are the players not included in their official roster."

Sentinel (Ehome)

Spectre - Ehome.820
Windrunner - Ehome.357
Lion - Ehome.X!!
Zeus - mouse
Venge - 54chuanqixka

Scourge (DK)

Queen of Pain - Yaphets
Nerubian Weaver - Burning
Gyrocopter - KingJ
Storm Spirit - Ksss
Earthshaker - Musha 

Download it here:  Ehome vs DK Latest Match (1.24b warcraft version)
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Ruther said...

asan C BENz(SHARINGAN) ?? -Ruther

Jack Rodriguez said...

wla pa. d pa naman to official match. pero panoorin nyo. epic game. ^^

Ruther said...

EPIC!!!! imba tri so agressive tpos ung qop ni PIS taas deny

Anonymous said...

Sir panu po mapapanuodd to?

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