Happyfeet vs Nirvana.MY practice game: Final Stats in Game 3

This match shows that happyfeet could still improve their picks and early game.  They are good in clash and ganks but their trilane are totally outplayed.  Lich and Witch Doctor's range advantage made Lich unstoppable within 3 minutes.  Kunkka fed a lot early game while Mushi's Darkterror had a free lane farming and denying almost all the creeps.  He even farmed his Battlefury with Power Treads and Stout Shield in 15 minutes and Mask of Madness in 18 minute mark.

Happyfeet-MAY's Queen of Pain somehow carried the Happyfeet stand up for longer time. She performed well in dominating the bottom lane against Brood mother with the help of Earthshaker who roamed after losing the top lane.  With the help of her Guinsoo's Scythe they ended Darkterror's Beyond Godlike streak.

Overall, Happyfeet was totally beaten in their trilane which is really hurts them late game.  Darkterror is one of the best late gamer hero to give a free farming lane.  Happyfeet got good plays too and they still managed to farm inspite of Lich and Witch Doctor's excellent ganks.  They relied on their tier heroes in this game making Nirvana easily knew how they would be playing. 

Happyfeet has great potential if they would try to improve drafting and their lane domination.

Here is the final stats of Happyfeet vs Nirvana.MY game 3

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Download the full game here: http://www.mineski.net/discussion/13195/showmatch-g3-happyfeet-vs-nirvana.my-vs-happyfeet
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