QOP 41 Kills by 2009: Another Tutorial from the legend

Former FTD and LGD.sgty captain, LGD.2009.sgty, is currently unleashing his game mind-set in Dota.  It is up to us whether to grab it or not.

2009 played Dota using Fraps to be able to record the game while he proceed with his commentary tutorial.  This time, his lesson is focused on using Queen of Pain(Akasha) effectively, though you're not only going to learn playing that hero.  You'd also learn positioning, his rationality and builds.

As of now, the video doesn't have any subtitle yet but I'm pretty sure, the it will come out soon.  As of now, you can watch his point of view first while playing.  I'll be posting the version of this video with subtitle as soon as it's out.

Watch the video here:  QOP tutorial by 2009

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