Top 10 Best Carry Heroes: Ehome's Most Picked Carries

Other than Ehome's great team play, their Dota heroes line up and strategies contributes a lot to their huge success in the last tournaments.  Their achievements are mentioned in Ehome Dota Team Profile.  Curiosity will make you ask many things about their game.  One of those questions would be about their most picked heroes.  820, one of the best Dota captains of all time, lead Ehome's game plays and hero drafting.  I made a research on what are the most picked heroes by him and I'm going to give you right now their Top 10 most picked carry (or semi-carry) heroes.

This is the Top 10 List of Ehome's Most picked carry heroes based on the replays uploaded from 6.67c through 6.71b.

TOP 10: Fairy Dragon - Puck

Puck was used by Ehome as a carry 8 times since 6.67c was out, making her way to the top 10.  Puck's ability to maintain a lane and initiate fights make her Ehome's 10th favorite hero.

TOP 9: Necro'lic - Visage

The record shows that Necro'lic was picked 9 times by Ehome to fill the carry role, specifically, in the trilane.  His deadly nuke early game makes him a dangerous opponent to face.  His ultimate skill enables him to summon 2 range painful Familiars that has the ability to stun opponents upon landing.

TOP 8: Beastmaster - Rexxar

Beastmaster is one of Ehome's favorite mid hero.  Ehome had the chance to pick him 10 times in official games since 6.67c.  He is simply equipped with useful skills like his long range wild axe, map hacking crow, boar with slow and long duration high damage ultimate.  He is also a high armored hero that's not easy to take down early.

TOP 7: Alchemist - Razzil Darkbrew and Sniper - Kardel Sharpeye

Both Alchemist and Sniper were used by Ehome 11 times as the replays show at  Alchemist is really a great hero that is hard to take down.  He also have great defending skills and  long duration disable.  Kardel is placed at the trilane most of the time.  His shrapnel helps a lot in dominating a trilane and his long range makes him able to harass farming opponents.  Turtling this hero is one of Ehome's insurance to win a game.

TOP 6: Morphling - Morphling, Drow Ranger - Traxex and Gorgon - Medusa

These 3 heroes were picked 13 times by Ehome to carry the team.  Medusa has high late game potential and safer early game.  She has a decent nuke to make her stable in her lane.  Morphling is one of the most difficult to kill hero having 3 escape mechanisms (Waveform, Morph, Replicate).  He surely will reach late game farming his wanted items on time.  Drow ranger was often used by Ehome mainly to counter Storm Spirit.  Drow's long duration silence is enough to kill Storm Spirit in a clash.

TOP 5: Windrunner - Alleria

Alleria was used by Ehome 14 times based from the record.  She is one of the mostly picked hero by Ehome because of her versatility.  She can survive trilane easily.  She has powerful nuke for clearing creeps and harassing heroes.  She also has a long duration disable and she has good late game potential.

TOP 4: Storm Spirit - Raijin

Storm Spirit was used by Ehome 15 times.  This hero was often used by EH.Gigabyte.X!! back then before his great nerfs.  Shadow Fiend won't win his lane easily against Storm Spirit.  Initiating ganks is so easy with Storm Spirit on the team.  Storm spirit has the ability to pick heroes to take down first, most often it would be the key heroes.  Ehome took advantage of these.

TOP 3: Admiral - Kunkka
Kunkka was picked almost everytime recording 17 games.  Ehome's trilane would often win, thanks to Kunkka.  His AOE skills are simply so helpful in taking down the entire enemy fast.  He can harass range heroes though he is melee.  Ehome took advantage of giving Kunkka compatible allies because this hero is just so great to overlook.

TOP 2: Shadow Fiend - Nevermore

Shadow Fiend was used by Ehome in 18 games uploaded at since 6.67c.  Ehome, like other teams, appreciates the amount of damage Shadow Fiend gives.  He has painful nukes early game and he can carry a team in late game.

TOP 1: Demon Witch - Lion

Demon Witch is the signature hero of Ehome being played in 33 games.  Dai(EH.GIGABYTE.X!!) would always be known for using this hero flawlessly.  He would always be on mid lane, stable.  Lion was used by Ehome to win their lanes early and mid game.  Lion may ,sometimes, not dominate mid lane but because of having an early Finger of Death and , the opponent's trilane are in trouble.  He hunts once he reached level 6 and farm his Kelen's Dagger of Escape as quick as possible.  Once Lion has Dagger, the team can play aggressively and continuously kill opponents not making them farm their key items.
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naqib said...


TNS said...

great..can you add a description on what a carry is? at first i thought that the word CARRY here is the ability or the maximum potentiality of a hero, so i doubt lion was first,.but realizing it, i got the great work as always..

Jack Rodriguez said...

Sure, i'll add it. thanks!

TNS said...

do you hate morphling?haha discriminated na marai..kawawa..haha */improvement of profile picture of morph needed..XP/*

Cynthia said...

the picture,over alleria windrunner is
sylvanas when she was an high elv;)
it's bacause only sylvanas have got the
blue neckchain, th other sisters have got other colours!

Anonymous said...

lion <3

Anonymous said...

umm im sorry but i dun think u get wat a carry is. how can visage and puck be a carry?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lion is opponent that you hate once he max his stun and voodoo + dagger this hero will dominate the game in ganks...

Anonymous said...

How about sandking, he's also best. :)

icon7 said...

shadow fiend is a best hero ever

Anonymous said...

this is a nice top 13 list.

Anonymous said...

This list is outdated(well EHOME the legend is also outdated but henceforth I refer to EHOME as in their prime)I will tell you the signature heroes of EHOME..signature heroes as in the heroes they always picked for crucial games and were involved in their most epic games:

1. Vengeful Spirit (EHOME.820): Best support hero ever.Period.
Venge's name has been changed to 820, the legendary captain of EHOME.Enough said.

2. Morphling (EHOME.AAA): Burning a.k.a. AAA played this hero in arguably(in a tournament decider) the most epic game of dota vs their most fierce rivals LGD.Sgty. It was I believe the most flawless carry performance in Dota Allstars history which established AAA as a Dota genius with LGD.2009, LGD.ZSMJ, Yamateh, Mushi and EHOME.X!

3. Storm Spirit (EHOME.X!): Before the signing of AAA into EHOME, EHOME.X!! was the most popular player in EHOME. He till recently was easily in the top 5 dota players in any list/role. His storm spirit is stuff of legend. He once was beyond godlike with bottle treads and guinsoo(hex) within 17 minutes.

4. Windrunner (EHOME.X!/EHOME.357): A widely used utility hero for EHOME mastered as carry by X! and as support by 357.

5. Lion (EHOME.X!) : X! i believe introduced china and then the world to the sheer boss like ownage of lion in the mid solo position. the fact that lion became a top pick and a must ban against EHOME is testimony to the skill with X! used this hero.

6. Visage (EHOME.J a.k.a. KingJ): Another late entry to the EHOME team (with AAA) KingJ got his imbalanced Visage to EHOME after a transfer from LGD.SGTY, he was also widely believed by the top players themselves to be the best utility player in the pro scene. Utility means filling any required role as the team needs according to the situation.

7. Venomancer (EHOME.J): 820 one fine day shocked everyone by picking Venomancer in a pro game as it was never picked in pro games. But KingJ changed the way everyone looked at venomancer by skilling wards and using it to defend, push and give vision to the team from far. wards are also immune to magic. KingJ is now long gone from the scene but Veno is still used widely by all pro teams.

8. Sniper (EHOME.X!/EHOME.AAA): These two players were the best Sniper users in their prime. It showed the confidence of these two players when X! played sniper right after AAA had destroyed their opposition 2 games before with the same hero. Needless to say X! owned with sniper too.

9. Puck (EHOME.X!/EHOME.357): X! and 357 were very skilled with this hack hero(impossible to kill without >4 sec disable or silence after getting its blink) and picked it often.

10. Clockwerk (EHOME.820): Another hero EHOME introduced to game-changing effect. this hero was employed to hold the hard lane(against the enemy tri-lane), using rockets and gave excellent initiation skills in team fights.

EHOME will definitely go down as the most revolutionary and dominating teams in DOTA history which changed the way the game and heroes were played forever. This list is in tribute to that era.
-- "Igb.Negacion"

Anonymous said...

Naga Siren?????? The best ever to walk the realms!

Anonymous said...

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