Trilane Do's and Don'ts Dota Guide

3-1-1 laning is used in most of the Dota games today because it gives your team greater chance of winning. You can have 2 solo heroes that can be stable on their lanes receiving most farm and levels and you can have a lane composed of 3 heroes ensuring a lane dominated, your trilane.  2-1-2 lane won't be successful against trilane because 2 heroes definitely won't win against a trilane and their other 2 heroes couldn't kill a solo hero.

These are the Do's and Don'ts in Dota Trilane


Have nukes and disables: Without these, your trilane will obviously fail.  The amount of disables and nukes are preferably more than 1. You need to hold your opponents long enough and you have to kill them fast enough.

Have regeneration items:  Trilane definitely would consist of non-stop harassments and battles.  You will need to regenerate your hp and mana in order to be more stable at your lane and avoid going trips back and forth.  Leaving your lane for a while means free time for the opponents to farm and to dominate the remaining heroes.

Buy other important items: Other important items, like magic stick, add to your lane advantage. (See them all here - Dominating Trilane): 

Aim for low hp heroes:  Low hp heroes are easy to kill and most of the time they have the best disables and nukes in the lane, so taking them out as soon as possible is a wise decision.

Maximize skills:  Use your skills with perfect execution and proper timing.  Communicate with your allies and know who should be first to act and who's next.

Have combo:  Your heroes shouldn't be composed of random heroes and just lane them up on the trilane.  You should think of how they would complement their skills.  Here are some of the best trilane combo that can serve as models to you. 

Cheap Shots (Harass opponents):  Try to position yourself so that you can be safe while doing cheap shots on your opponents.  When they have low hp, you'd have quicker time to kill them once you execute your combo.

Kill as quick as possible:  Time is gold.  Yup, even in trilane.  When you're able to kill a hero as quick as possible it's down now to 2v3.  You can choose to kill another one or retreat if it's too dangerous to proceed.

Consider allies' position:  Before initiating know where your allies are.  If they are too far away, you'll just waste your mana and worst you can even die because of that.


Picking heroes that don't compliment each other:  It's best to have heroes that compliment each other because it's easier to kill and there won't be much hassle in battles.

Too many melee heroes:  Melee heroes are prone to harassments and are weak at harassments.  You wouldn't want to give opponents a free farming lane so you should often limit your trilane heroes on 1 melee hero.  There are cases where you can have 2 but it's not advisable to have all the heroes at the trilane melee.

Not warding:  Observer wards are essential in trilane.  It can either be used defensively or for attacks.

Aiming for tanks:  You don't have enough damage to kill tanks in one combo early game.  There are other heroes you can finish in few blows.  Aiming for tanks will get you in trouble most of the time.  He will make your skills useless and he will just run away laughing at you while his allies punish you for your wrong decision.

Playing too passive:  Your opponents will have a free farming lane when you do this.  You should limit their items and levels as few and low as you can. 

Being too aggressive:  Playing too aggressive, on the other hand, causes you to die giving more gold for the opponents.  What you should do is balance your plays.  Know the best time to execute your combo and wait for this opportunity.  Try to bait your opponents too for them to commit errors.

Not considering opponents combo:  Not only your team has deadly combo, your opponents have too.  You should know what are the things they can execute.  This is easy because you already know the skills of every hero in Dota.

Wasting Mana: Don't use your skills on creeps just for the sake of farming, especially if you're using a low mana hero.  Reserve your mana for your combo.  Stun and other disables are also best used in killing not in harassing.  Use nukes to harass.

Creep pulling a lot:  I wondered why most asian teams I watched doesn't pull neutral creeps.  Instead, they keep on harassing and trying to kill opponents on their lanes.  I realized that it is more important to do that because you can help your team mate have more farm by harassing your opponents.  You can also save allies anytime.  Nonetheless, you can prevent your tower from receiving cheap shots.

These are the common things you should and you shouldn't do in your trilane to have greater opportunity to win, not only your trilane, but the entire game.  For more trilane Dota Guides see these: Dominating the Trilane and Some of the Best Trilane Combo
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2-1-2 lane won't be successful against trilane because 2 heroes definitely won't win against a trilane and their other 2 heroes couldn't kill a solo hero.

i think its easier to kill a solo hero with 2 heroes vs 2 lol stupid

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