Weaver Action by GGnet.Pajkatt

In GGnet vs TR game, GGnet.Pajkatt's invoker was banned first by TR.  Puppey picked Weaver first for Pajkatt.  He banned Ancient Apparition, Lich and Razor and picked Weaver first.  Wasn't puppey scared that weaver would be countered with mass disabled team?  No.  In fact, TR did pick a lot of disablers(Earthshaker, Venge, Beastmaster, Puck) but didn't succeed against GGnet.

Pajkatt died once from being ganged early game but in 12 minutes he got an unstoppable streak.  His first item was Ring of Basilius, then he rushed Vanguard.  He played aggressively against puck which he killed solely through Scourge's 1st tower. 

This replay isn't a recommended replay.  TR was definitely owned by GGnet though they moved around the map well.  Teams who don't pick Weaver in competitive games would want to try and train line ups with this hero.  Pajkatt's weaver isn't a pure late game agi type of carry which I find suited for aggressive type of teams.

Witch Doctor - GGnet.Puppey (top)
Crystal Maiden - GGnet.Miracle (top)
Phantom Lancer - GGnet.KuroKy (top)
Windrunner - GGnet.Azen (mid)
Nerubian Weaver - GGnet.Pajkatt (bot)

TR (Scourge)

Earthshaker - TR^pggshka (Roaming)
Bone Fletcher - TR.Bl00DAnGeL (Top)
Beastmaster - fota.McDeath (Mid)
Faerie Dragon - TeamHome^Nova (Bot)
Vengeful Spirit - inflaai (Bot)

Download it here:  GGnet vs TR
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