Balancing Studies and DotA

The more you excel in DotA, the more you flunk at school. -not true.

Improving in Dota is not all about playing 10 or more games per day.  Players improve by how well they learn after winning or losing a game (most of the time in losing).  Players who are hard headed and don't believe that they lost because what they are doing is wrong, will never be a better player.

The best way to balance studies and DotA is having strategies for both.  These strategies are the things you're going to think of on how you're going to improve quickly.

1.  Pay attention at school.  Most players are spending all night playing Dota and still daydream about Dota when it's school time.  You have to focus on what you're doing at the moment.  If you are in the classroom, listen, take notes, do your seatworks.  Forget anything else unrelated to your studies.

2.  Play moderately.  Do not exhaust yourself too much to avoid getting dizzy at school in the morning or worst getting absent/late.  Also, you have to reserve energy to study for announced/unannounced quizzes.

3.  Pay attention at your game.  When it's playtime, play wisely.  Use your limited time to the fullest.  2 or 3 games every afternoon are enough to be a great player after 1 or 2 months.  You have to focus on your strengths and weaknesses.  Develop your strengths and convert your weaknesses to strengths.

4.  Observe the factors that affect your studies.  If you find it hard to study after playing, you should study first before playing.  In my case, I find it hard to study after losing therefore I used Dota as a reward after studying.

5.  Know when not to play.  Be the master of your own body.  If you have a report on the following day or an examination, chances are you need more time for that.  You have to sacrifice playing which is not and shouldn't be your priority.

6.  Don't mind the insults.  If you are insulted for being a weak player, don't be offended causing you to play more hours trying to prove to them that you are a great player.  Be offended if you're scolded by your teacher for not doing a simple homework because of playing all night.

7.  Cutting-class is a drug.  You try it once, you'll get addicted.  Never cut-class if you want to graduate on time. 

8.  Know when to quit.  Know when Dota cannot be included in your schedule anymore.  For example, in my case, I have to do advance reading and projects.  I gave up playing competitive Dota and just play whenever I'm free (twice or thrice a week).  Now that I am a lot busier, I'm going to update my blog twice per week instead of everyday.

Just like any sport, DotA shouldn't be treated as a priority.  Play it for fun and play it moderately.

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