Hero Skills Blocked by Linken's Sphere

Linken Sphere is a very confusing item. Some skills are blocked totally, some doesn't take any effect, some only block a part of the skill. This is to enlighten everyone who is confused whether a hero skill would be blocked or not. These are lists of hero skills that Linken Sphere has something to do with. Skills not listed here take no effect from this item.

When a skill is totally blocked - the skill is evaded completely and the linken's sphere goes to cool down state.
You can cast any skill on any allied Linken's holder hero not triggering the item.
The heroes are arranged alphabetically to give you ease on searching.

Abaddon - Lord of Avernus

  • Death Coil - damage is blocked
  • Aphotic Shield - damage from breaking the shield is blocked
Aiushta - Enchantress
  • Enchant - slow is blocked
Aggron Stonebreaker - Ogre Magi
  • Fireblast - damage and stun are blocked.  Multicast fireblast are all blocked.
  • Ignite - slow and damage are all blocked.
Akasha - Queen of Pain
  • Shadow Strike - slow and damage are all blocked
Anub'arak - Nerubian Assassin
  • Impale - stun and damage are blocked if cast on the hero with linken, otherwise, Linken Sphere has no effect on it.
  • Mana Burn - damage and mana reduction are all blocked
  • Urna Swarm - Scarab's infestation is totally blocked
 Anub'seran - Nerubian Weaver
  • Shukuchi - the attack after invisibility is blocked by linken's sphere.
 Atropos - Bane Elemental
  • Enfeeble - totally blocked
  • Brain Zap - totally blocked
  • Nightmare - totally blocked
  • Fiends Grip - totally blocked
 Azwraith - Phantom Lancer
  • Phantom Lance - slow and damage are blocked
 Balanar -  Night Stalker
  • Void - Slow is blocked but damage and ministun aren't
  • Crippling fear - totally blocked
Banehallow - Lycanthrope
  • no skils are blocked by linken
Barathrum - The Spiritbreaker
  • Charge - the linken's cool down will start if the charge of darkness icon appears on the opponent but this skill wont be blocked.
  • Nether Strike - totally blocked(no damage nor stun)
Black Arachnia - Broodmother
  • Spawn Spiderlings - totally blocked
  • Incapacitating Bite - totally blocked
Boush - Tinker
  • Laser - blind is blocked but damage isn't
Bone Clinkz - Bone Fletcher
  • Wind Walk - attack after wind walk is totally blocked by linken
Bradwarden - Centaur Warchief
  • no skills are blocked by linken sphere
Cairne Bloodhoof - Tauren Chieftain
  • Earth Splitter - only slow is blocked
     Chen - Holy Knight
    • Penitence - Slow is blocked but not bonus damage
    • Test of Faith - totally blocked, (test of faith on allied heroes have no interaction with linken sphere)
    Crixalis - Sand King
    • Impale - totally blocked if clicked on the target hero, otherwise there's no effect.
    Darchrow - Enigma
    • Malefice - totally blocked
    Darkterror - Faceless Void
    • No skills have interaction with linken Sphere
    Ezalor - Keeper of the Light
    • Illuminate - will be on cool down if clicked on the hero but wont block, otherwise it has no interaction.
    • Mana Leak - blocked totally.  If cool down of linken's sphere ended while on mana leak then the hero ran out of mana, slow will be blocked.
    • Blink Light - blind is totally blocked but will still be pushed
    Furion - Prophet
    • Sprout - totally blocked
    • Wrath of Nature - blocked totally if targeted on the hero itself but bounced damage isn't
    Gondar - Bounty Hunter
    • Shuriken Toss - totally blocked
    • Track - totally blocked
    Harbringer - Obsidian Destroyer
    • Astral Imprisonment - totally blocked
    Io - The Guardian Wisp
    • Spirits - blocks one instance totally
      Jah'rakal - Troll Warlord
      • Blind - totally blocked
      Jakiro - Twin-headed dragon
      • Dual Breath - Blocks damage but slow and damage over time aren't.
      Kaldr - Ancient Apparition
      • Cold Feet - totally blocked
        Kardel Sharpeye - Dwarven Sniper
        • Shrapnel - If the hero with linken move towards the AOE of this skill, slow will be blocked but not the damage.  If cast on the hero itself, linken will be on cool down but will still take full effect.
        • Headshot - totally blocked
        • Assassinate - totally blocked
         Kel'Tuzard - Lich
        • Frost Nova - totally blocked if targeted on the linken holder but not if clicked on a unit next to him.
        • Chain Frost - first hit of the frost is totally blocked the rest aren't.
        King Leoric - Skeleton King
        • Hellfire Blast - totally blocked
        Knight Davion - Dragon Knight
        • Dragon Tail - totally blocked
        Krobelus - Death Prophet
        • No skill has interaction with Linken's Sphere
        Kunkka - Admiral
        • Torrent - blocks slow but neither disable nor damage is blocked.
        • X Marks the spot - totally blocked
        • Ghost Ship - Blocks stun but not the damage.
          Lanaya - Templar Assassin
          • Poisonic Trap - totally blocked
          Lesalle Deathbringer - Venomancer
          • Venomous Gale - totally blocked
           Leshrac The Malicious - Tormented Soul
          • Lightning Storm - totally blocked
           Leviathan - Tidehunter
          • Gush - totally blocked
          Lina Inverse - Slayer
          • Laguna Blade - totally blocked
           Lion - The Demon Witch
          • Impale - Blocks totally if clicked on the linken holder, otherwise there will be no effect.
          • Voodoo - totally blocked.  If linken becomes available after cool down, it wont end the voodoo.
          • Mana Drain - totally blocked.  If Linken's Sphere becomes available after cool down, it wont end Mana Drain.
          • Finger of Death - totally blocked
          Luna Moonfang - Moon Rider
          • Lucent Beam - totally blocked
           Lucifer - Doom Bringer
          • LVL? Death - blocks the first instance of ministun and damage
          • Doom - blocked completely
           Magina - Anti-Mage
          • Mana Void - totally blocked if  casted on the linken holder.
           Mangix - Pandaren Brewmaster
          • Drunken Haze - totally blocked
          • Earth: Hurl Boulder - totally blocked
          • Storm: Cyclone - totally blocked
          • Storm: Wind Walk - attack after invisibility is totally blocked
          Medusa - Gorgon
          • Mystic Snake - Linken's Sphere would be in cool down but no damage nor mana reduction is blocked.
          • Stone Gaze - Only starts Linken's Sphere cool down but wont block anything.
          Mogul Khan - Axe
          • Battle Hunger - totally blocked
          • Culling Blade - if the hero is one culling blade away from death there would be no interaction but if culling blade is used just to damage the Linken holder it will be blocked totally.
          Morphling - Morphling
          • Adaptive Strike - blocked totally
          • Replicate - blocked totally
          Mortred - Phantom Assassin
          • Split Dagger - blocked totally
          Naix -  Lifestealer
          • No skills have interaction with Linken's Sphere
          Nessaj - Chaos Knight
          • Chaos Bolt - a ministun will subsitute the full stun but the damage isn't blocked.
          Nevermore - Shadow Fiend
          • Requiem of Souls - Starts Linken's cool down but no damage is blocked.
          Nortrom - Silencer
          • Last word - silence is totally blocked
          Pudge - Butcher
          • Meat Hook - starts cool down but nothing is blocked
          • Dismember - totally blocked
          Pugna - Oblivion
          • Decrepify - totally blocked
          • Nether Ward - totally block mana flare
          • Life Drain - totally blocked
          Purist Thunderwrath - Omniknight
          • Repel - totally blocked
          Raigor Stonehoof - Earthshaker
          • Fissure - if clicked on the hero, the Linken's sphere will start its cool down but the stun and damage wont be blocked.
          Razor - Lightning Revenant
          • Static Link - If clicked on the hero the Linken's cooldown starts but the skill would still work normally.
          • Unstable Current - totally blocked
          Rexxar - The Beastmaster
          • Primal Roar - damage and stun is blocked but not slow.
          Rigwarl - The Bristleback
          • Viscous Nasal Goo - totally blocked
          Rhasta - Shadow Shaman
          • Ether shock - if targeted on the hero, it'll be blocked normally but if targeted on nearby allied units, the linken's sphere, there is no interaction.
          • Voodoo - totally blocked
          • Shackles - totally blocked
          Rikimaru - Stealth Assassin
          • No skills have interaction with Linken's Sphere
          Rooftrellen - Trent Protector
          • Forest Sentinel - blocks stun totally
          • Overgrowth - totally blocked
          Routund'jere - Necrolyte
          • Reaper's Scythe - totally blocked
           Rylai - Crystal Maiden
          • Frost Bite - totally blocked
          • Freezing field - linken's sphere starts cool down but neither damage or slow is blocked.
          Slardar - Slithereen Guard
          • Amplify Damage - Blocks totally
          Slithice - Naga Siren
          • Song of Siren - totally blocked
          Shendelzare Silkwood - Vengeful Spirit
          • Magic Missile - totally blocked
          • Nether Swap - totally blocked
          Spectre - Mercurial
          • Spectral Dagger - totally blocked if targeted in the hero.
           Strygwyr - Blood Seeker
          • Blood rage - totally blocked
          • Rupture - totally blocked
           Sven - Rogue Knight
          • Storm Bolt - if cast on the linken holder, skill is totally blocked.
          Squee and Spleen - Goblin Techies
          • No skill interacts with Linken's Sphere
          Terrorblade - Soul Keeper
          • Soul Steal - totally blocked
          • Sunder - starts cool down but skill still works normally
          Tiny - Stone Giant
          • Toss - if the Linken holder is the primary target of the toss's AOE, the linken's sphere will start its cool down but damage wont be blocked.
          • Craggy Exterior - totally blocked
          Traxex - Drow Ranger
          • No skill has interaction with linken's sphere
          Ulfsaar - Ursa Warrior
          • No skill has interaction with linken's sphere
          Viper - Netherdrake
          • Viper strike - totally blocked
           Visage - Necrolic
          • Grave Chill - blocks totally but visage would still get the bonus speed.
          • Soul Assumption - totally blocked
          Vol'jin - Witch Doctor
          • Paralyzing Cask - totally blocked if the linken holder is the primary holder.
          Yurnero - Juggernaut
          • Omnislash - if the Linken holder is the primary target the ministun will be blocked.
          Zeus - Lord of Olympia
          • Arc Lightning - blocks totally if the Linken holder is the primary target
          • Lightning Bolt - totally blocked and no Truesight AOE is gained.
          • Wrath of God - totally blocked but vision will still be gained.  If the linken holder is invisible, there would be no effect.
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