Improve your Dota Skills by Having these 5 Quick Things

Have you ever wondered what are the edges of top players over you?  It's not experience and hardwork alone. You can play for 10 years and not be as good as them if you're not focusing on the right skills to develop.  In this post, you're going to learn what are the things you should be considering to play like Pros.
#5  Quick Calculations

This skill is very important in 3 things:

1.  Mana cost
2.  Estimating damage output
3.  Estimating cool downs

Being quick in calculations give you a lot of advantage and safety.  Knowing if your mana pool will be enough to execute your combo won't get you in trouble and shout "F*ck! I ran out of Mana!" * then die.  Be sure to be quick in calculations because one split unguarded moment can cause you to lose the battle.  Damage output should also be considered to know how quick you can kill a hero or if it possible to kill certain heroes with your number.  You shouldn't just go into battle without having the clash play in your mind.  Cool downs are also important specially if your opponents have deadly ultimate skills.   Use the long cool down of opponent's skills to your advantage.  You can either initiate a clash or push if their skills aren't available.  Doing more calculations than your opponents will give you huge advantages.

#4  Quick Hands

This skill is important in 3 things:

1.  Animation Cancelling
2.  Doing Combos and Micros
3.  Clicking heroes that are hard to click

Animation cancelling is important in playing Dota.  There are a lot of heroes that have spells that have prolonged animations.  You should cancel them to not waste time.  Animation cancelling is also important in harassing heroes.  You can move either forward or backward instead of waiting for the attack animation to stop.  In this way you can harass more or be evade more damage.  Combos require timing and shouldn't be interrupted by just having slow hands.  Micro-ing is the term used to describe controlling more units which also requires quick hands.  Heroes that are hard to click, like Venomancer, is also countered by having quick hands.  You can search for the small icon of the hero in shorter period to be able to hit him thus not letting him escape just because he cannot be clicked.

#3  Quick Plans

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.  Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat'."  -Sun Tzu

Planning is essential in Dota as it is in warfares.  As soon as the drafting starts until the game ends, several plans should be made.  The team who came out to have great plans quicker would surely win.  

Plan 4 steps ahead:

1st step:  What you're going to do
2nd step: How your opponents will react
3rd step: What will be your response to their actions
4th step: Know who will have the advantage after

#2  Quick Eyes

This skill is very important in 5 things:

1.  Map awareness
2.  Finding target
3.  Distance from team mates
4.  Number of opponents
5.  Spells used

Map awareness is very important.  You shouldn't be prone to gank, you should know if your team mates need you, you should know where opponents are to kill or to be avoided, etc.  Finding target in a clash is important.  You shouldn't just cast all your spells on a hero you see.  Pro players expect the back up.  Reserve your spells for better uses.  Distance from team mates should be considered.

#1  Quick Reaction

This skill is important in 5 things:

1.  Dodging skills
2.  Knowing escape Routes
3.  Picking targets
4.  Knowing when to fight and when not to fight
5.  Countering attacks

Dota is a read and react game.  You see the situation, then you give your reaction.  Winning or losing depends greatly on how many good or bad calls you've made and these are called your reactions.  Knowing at once what are the best decisions in almost every situation and executing them perfectly will surely make you are skilled and fearsome player.  You just have to watch carefully, analyze critically and practice seriously.

Dota vs Basketball

In the philippines, the most played games are Dota Allstars and Basketball.  Have you ever been torn between these 2 games?  I have.  These are my 2 favorite games in general and I want to compare them accordingly. I focused more in Dota maybe because I have more friends who are into this game.  But, did I make the right decision?  Let's discuss...

Level of Fun

Starting with Dota, how can this game not be fun?  You are able to feel like a real warrior while playing this game.  The strategic nature of this game really adds to the fun specially if you are a person who loves using your mind.  The visual and sound effects also contribute to the level of fun of this game.  Other than these facts, it is playing as a team with your friends that makes this game really addicting.

Basketball is quite similar with Dota in terms of the level of fun.  Basketball is also a strategic game, you can feel like a hero every time you win the game for the team and you have the chance to execute team work.  Both Basketball and Dota also requires skills.  In basketball, the skills you should practice and acquire are shooting, dribbling, passing, etc.  In Dota, there are farming, ganking, supporting, mastering heroes' skills etc.  Being a more skilled player allows you to have more fun since you can win most games.  Not being skilled also makes you more into the game because you have a goal, to become skilled.

In terms of the level of fun, Dota beats Basketball a bit, so I'm giving a score of 60-40 in favor of Dota.

Game's Balance

Dota allows anyone to be the best player no matter what height or athletic ability you possess.  In basketball, you need to develop some physical advantages to be more effective.  Tall players have more advantage in rebounding, he just have to develop more awareness.  Short players should increase their vertical leap to beat these players but it still requires perfect timing and prediction.  Basketball is a physical game.  Stronger players can back down weak ones easily.  Another physical advantage is arm length.  Players with long arms are harder to defend and they are better defenders because they can reach farther.

In terms of Balance, Dota beats basketball 80-20.


Do we still need to discuss this?  Playing Basketball can be considered an exercise while playing Dota can make you fat and forces you to inhale people's illnesses if you'd play at the computer shop where breaths are shared.  Some players in computer shop would smoke after 2-3 games making it more unhealthy.  At home you're safer but still, sitting for a long time on your computer chair is unhealthy.  The only advantage of Dota in terms of health is being injury-free.

In terms of health, Basketball beats Dota 90-10.


You can play Dota as long as there is a computer with internet.  Whether you don't have a group of 5 or 10, you can play it anytime.  You cannot play basketball alone.  You need a group, a ball, and a court.  However, you can go to public courts to play with other players but mostly they are full.  You would need to set a schedule with other players to play this game.

In terms of availability Dota beats basketball 70-30.


If you're a great Dota player, you are appreciated by people who plays the game as well.  However if you let your parents or girlfriend come to see you play in the tournament, what will happen is that they wouldn't understand most things in the game.  They'll get bored all through out the game.  After the game, you'd just tell them whether you won or lose and that's when they cheer.  That's why, mostly, you won't see family members supporting Dota players nor girlfriends(that don't know the game).  Whether you became godlike or you amazingly dodged everything, they would hardly know it.

In basketball, family members and girlfriends don't need to know the entire rules to enjoy watching and supporting you.  So the fame extends not only to other Basketball players but to other people who are merely fans.  As long as you or your team scores, these fans would be in the game too.  When you do something heroic they'll knew it.

In terms of Fame Basketball beats Dota 75-25.

Opposite Sex Attraction
Playing Basketball is more attracting to females based from a little survey i made and a bit of common sense.  It is also proven with these pictures.

You made a jumpshot (Basketball)

You made an amazing kill! (Dota)

You dunked! (Basketball)

You are godlike! (Dota)

You made an impossible shot. (Basketball)

You got a rampage! (Dota)

You won (Basketball)

You won (Dota)
In terms of sex appeal, Basketball beats Dota 90-10.

It's now all up to your preferences to choose.  If you're after the fun, thrill, balance and availability, Dota is the best for you.  If you want to be have a cardio exercise while having fun, concern with fame and sex appeal, pick Basketball.  It's not right to generalize what beats what.  It all depends on your preferences.  This post is just to give you a guide on what to choose based from your desires.

Concluding my question if did I make the right decision focusing on Dota?  Yes.  My preferences before were fun, balance, and availability.  I go to gym and occasionally play basketball for health care and fitness.

Registered Teams for IGL

Rush Zone

Francis Castillo - Captain
David Bichara
Dennis Nieva
Koji Yoshida
Mel Dotozan

RSK Gaming

Bhadz Badiola - Captain
Ojhay Binata
Pete Cledera
Fred Javier
Seth Dela Cruz
Kevin Chavez


Rainman - Captain


Bird Barde - Captain
Nikko Barde
Karlo Dollano
Jess Pardiñas
Kevin Pasiona
Ska Abiera


Dale - Captain

Kalye 13

Mark Rivera - Captian
Jerson Urbano
Donix Lustre
Dan Bautista
Jay San Andres
Roy Reyta

Hemp Tribe Gaming

Henrison Sy - Captain
Raphael Sy
Rommel Copingco
Jomark Guinoo
Jorryl Juacian


Art Ablay - Captain
Nico Julia
Pyong Julia
Francis Layung
Kevin Deviña


John Ramos - Captain
Jimaro Mariano
Jose Espayos
Joseph Ozaeta
Chris Balmaceda
John Romero


Tan Abante - Captain
Jun Portem
Daniel Gagalac
L.A. Encinida
Vince Civico

Expected teams to come: JFC, Mafia team 2, iyf, Skem, Team Shawn, Wetchekel Gaming, Team Sipocot

For rules and other info. visit Itsme Gaming League 2011

How to be Prepared for a DotA Tournament

Dota Tournaments are thrilling because the game itself is quite balanced specially now that Ice Frog has made several modifications.  This is a battle of decision making and skills.  These 2 important things as well as the following are the things you should improve to win most of your Dota games and tournaments.

Learn your effective playstyle

In Dota Tournament games, you don't have time to be thinking of what playstyle you should have.  There's no time for trial and error.  You should know in your practices what works and what suits your team.  If you go out there and play differently from your practice games, the only chance of winning is luck.  You have to trust your practices and yourself.  Yes, you are facing a stronger opponents but don't be intimidated.  Stick to your developed game style and just perform with your A-game.

Lead if you are the leader; Trust if you are a member

Leaders have the greatest role in tournaments.  They are the one who would decide what will be the team's strategy and they are the one who would generate plans in most situations.  Members can suggest but leaders should be the one to decide whether to accept or reject given suggestions.  The main reason for this is to have a united attacks.  If members would decide what to do on their own, the team would fall against an opposing team who are fighting as a team.  In team games/sports, winning is decided by two things: better leader and better trust from members.

Prepare enough strategy

In most tournaments, your games can be watched by your next opponents.  Having only 1 strategy means you're already countered as soon as you played your first game.  Your opponents can wait for you in your favorite ganking areas, your opponents can simply ban your bread and butter heroes, and worst your opponents can even use your strategy against you.  If you're joining a DotA Tournament, it is a must to be unpredictable.  This adds to their fear against you.  How can they defend if they don't know how you will attack?

Be ready to counter as many DotA strategies as possible

Once you have a clue what your opponent's game plan will be, you should be wise enough to be prepared for that plan a week before and execute your counters.  Practice against better teams because it is through them that you're going to know what strategies will surprise and beat you.  Then formulate plans to win against those strategies and know which will work.  When tournament day comes, you're more confident because you learned a lot and you are ready to face a lot of strategies other teams may be planning.

Be comfortable in serious games

I had a problem back then.  When I'm playing games with money on the line, my game suddenly change from great to worse than noob.  I learned to be comfortable when one time, I was asked to play a game against an unknown team.  We defeated that team and after the game I found out that it was also a bet game, only this time I was unaware.  Then, I realized that if I treat serious games not too seriously, my game is way better.  It was the beginning of me winning bet games.  I don't know with you because factors may be different with you.  You might be more comfortable when you are serious but the idea here is find out how you'll become comfortable playing.

And, the last thing is Have Fun .

You may win or lose the tournament but if you had fun, you never lost at all.  So, Good luck and Have Fun! ^_^

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