Top 5 Best Mid Heroes: Ehome's Most Picked Mid Dota Heroes

Ehome was the most successful team in the previous versions so I made a research on their strategies.  I watched their games and made a list of what are their most picked heroes in every role.  Heroes are placed in Mid lane for main 2 reasons:

1.  They are required to max their skills early to achieve full potential.
2.  They can  be stable at mid lane.

This is Ehome's Top 5 Most Picked Mid Heroes from 6.67c through 6.71b

TOP 5: (triple tie) Tinker - Boush, Alchemist - Razzil Darkbrew, Doom Bringer - Lucifer

We have a triple tie in top 5.  Ehome played these 3 heroes on mid lane 4 times from 6.67c through 6.71b as uploaded at Gosugamers.  Tinker's Laser inflicts very high damage great for harassing opponents at mid lane.  Missile can be used to finish the opponents off.  Alchemist's poison and high armor makes him stable at mid lane.  His Unstable Concoction is also great for harassing and killing, especially, when gankers come to help him.  Doom, with his great tanking ability early game and Devour, can survive and get a lot of farm at mid lane.  Once he and his lane mate reaches level 5, harassing comes handy and level 6 can make his opponent play more passively because a Doom and LVL? Death is enough to finish him.  He is one of the oldest melee player seen to be a mid game hero.

TOP 4: Beastmaster - Rexxar

 Ehome used Beastmaster as mid lane hero in 9 recorded games.  Beastmaster has a very long range decent damage skill, Wild Axe.  He is also a good tank which makes him hard to be harassed by long range heroes nor killed easily by being ganked.  He also have a long range stun plus slowing summon to be able for him to finish his opponent at mid lane.  With the help of gankers, killing mid lane opponents will take no time particularly if he's against a low hp hero.

TOP 3: Shadow Fiend - Nevermore

This hero is the most picked mid hero of all time but he ranked only 3rd after recording 14 games played by Ehome.  Shadow Fiend is perfect at mid lane for having the ability to harass opponents distant from him even at uphill.  He should also get some level fast because of his fragility and because his skills are much useful when it is of high level.

TOP 2: Storm Spirit - Raijin

After being used mostly as the best hero to lane against Shadow Fiend,  Ehome usually pick Storm Spirit recording 16 games.  His overload is great for harassing opponents at mid lane.  His Static Remnant makes it easy for him to kill aggressive opponents.  He can use his Electric Vortex to hold fleeing opponents and give additional disable when gankers to help him.  Ball lightning at level 6 gives him more mobility without getting nuked by walking towards the opponent.  He can perform surprise attacks anytime his mana is sufficient.

TOP 1: Demon Witch - Lion

Ehome's most picked mid lane hero is Demon Witch recording 20 games played at mid.  Impale is great for harassment because it's also a decent range nuke.  He has 2 disables that are very helpful once he leveled it up.  The main goal of Ehome is use him as a carry-ganker once he farms his Kelen's Dagger.  With Demon Witch having that item, killing is a lot easier for Ehome making their late game hero/es have free farming lanes.

There you have it, the top 5 most picked mid lane heroes by Ehome from 6.67c through 6.71b as recorded at Gosugamers.

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how about mirana, trax and sniper??

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. . . i dont think so but i played dota several times but no one beats invoker from getting in the mid lane

im just sharing my ideas

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