Top 8 Best Dota Supports: Ehome's Favorite Support Heroes

What made Ehome a great team is not only their sick farming carries, their supports also contributed a lot to their victories.  In fact, Ehome.820, was considered the 2nd best support in 2010, next to NS.  He was joined by 357 who's also undeniably a great support player.  These 2 players combined forces in support role gave headache to other teams in detecting Ehome's weak points.

Ehome definitely tried and studied what heroes are the best supports for the team.  These support heroes should have the early game strength to assure their carry heroes have safe farming lanes.

This is the list of their most picked support heroes from 6.67c though 6.71b as recorded at Gosugamers.
*I could have given the top 10 but Ehome didn't have that much variety of supports picking other heroes less than 5 times*

  Top 8: Slayer - Lina Inverse

Ehome's top 8 favorite support is Lina Inverse recording being played for 6 games from 6.67c through 6.71b as uploaded at Gosugamers.  Being picked 6 times yet ranked 8th shows that Ehome doesn't change their core support heroes often.  Lina has high-damage nukes but her stun (Light Strike Array) is difficult for initiation and only has 1.6 stun duration.  Ehome. lately, picks her often because she works well with their most picked hero today, Clockwork.

TOP 7: Enigma - Darchrow and Leviathan - Tidehunter

These 2 heroes tied at top 7 after Ehome used them for 7 times within the limitations of this research.  Enigma, obviously, is one of the best mass disabler heroes.  With his Blackhole, there are several heroes that will work great with him in clash.  Enigma, however, has a lot of weaknesses too.  One of them is that his ultimate has long cool down duration.  Along that long duration weakness, his ultimate can also be countered easily by a long range disable.  BKB can answer the problem but there are still skills that will cancel his channeling ultimate like Swap and Roar.

Leviathan has early game tanking ability and nuke that can slow as well as reduce enemy's armor.  His ultimate is also great for clash.  On the other hand, his ultimate has high cool down duration and ganking is quite hard for this hero.  Ehome uses him not as initiator like what most think.  Ehome uses him as back up.  This is very effective in baiting and other team fights.  Once the enemy piled up to focus on one hero, a Leviathan can disable them all, giving more time for allies to kill key heroes.

 TOP 6: Rogue Knight - Sven

Sven is one of Ehome's favorite alternative support, picking him 14 times.  His storm bolt is AOE and has 2 seconds duration from level 1 to 4.  The damage increases as it increases its level from 100(level 1) to 325(level 4).  Sven also has a skill called, warcry, that helps the team greatly in chasing heroes.  
TOP 5: Lesale Deathbringer - Venomancer

Ehome picked Venomancer 15 times making its way to top 5 of the count down.  Like Rogue Knight, its disable (in this case slow) was made AOE.  Slow starts at 50% and decreases as time passes.  The damage is quite ignorable but the 50% slow is deadly if worked with painful heroes.  His ward is a good anti-gank lasting for 40 seconds and the cool down is only 5 seconds.  His poison nova hurts a lot but should be used early while the opponents are still earning for their BKB or hood making Poison Nova useless.

TOP 4: Raigor Stonehoof - Earthshaker

Ehome picked Earthshaker 17 times.  When Ehome wants to turtle Earthshaker would always be their main anti-early hero.  Earthshaker's skills are known to everyone.  He has good defending skills perfect for passive type of games.  Once he has his dagger, clashes are a lot easier.  He can inflict great damage careless teams giving his team mates easier job of simply giving the finishing blows on the enemy.

TOP 3: Witch Doctor - Vol'jin

Ehome picked Witch Doctor 22 times.  His Paralyzing Cask cannot be underestimated.  If used perfectly, his paralyzing cask can end up the life of 2 heroes without having the chance to fight.  His heal is also used a lot early game which is very annoying for the opponents.  Maledict is also a good skill for team fights and ganks.  His ultimate, Death Ward, makes him join the spammer heroes proving that he is an all around support hero. 

TOP 2: Crystal Maiden - Rylai

One of the few supports that can really join the aggressive trilane early game is Rylai.  Ehome picked her 25 times which is like everytime.  Crystal Maiden has a long range Frost Nova making her cast it safely.  It is a very deadly skill yet she can cast it though she's not seen.  Another disabling skill she has is Frost Bite.  Furthermore, she gives aura for the entire team.  Mana advantage gives additional advantage for lane domination.  Her Freezing Field is a very painful AOE channeling spell that ,if used at the right time, contributes a lot in team battles.

TOP 1: Vengeful Spirit - Shandelzare Silkwood

You guessed it.  Ehome's most picked support is Vengeful Spirit recording 29 games played.  She is usually the first pick of Ehome.  She has a stun (Magic Missile), free vision and armor reduction (terror), damage increase for the team (Command Aura), and saving or initiation skill (Nether Swap).  This offers flexibility for Ehome's pick.  Once they pick Vengeful as first pick, they can still study what their opponents are planning to do and easily adjust their play style to counter the opponent's hero line up.

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Anonymous said...

Jack, can you post the top 10 mid heroes? thanks

Jack Rodriguez said...


Jerico said...

Can u post 10 best gankers.
Because when i watch The DK vs EHOME
The Zeus And Lion Is The best ganker i seen
but i dont think in our team zeus will be played
because he is so easy to kill.

Anonymous said...

wow! so VS is #1 eh?

Anonymous said...

VS 1st because it is 820's signature hero..

many in PD says that 820 is the best vs in the world atm.

Anonymous said...

nice.. sexy ng CM :D

Anonymous said...


Sepjo said...

Why is Jakiro(THD) and lion not included? I thought they would be like top 1 and top 2 lol :D
EH lion really help them win big tournaments.

Jack Rodriguez said...

I lost my list. but these 8 heroes are the most used supports by Ehome. Lion was used as Semi-carry not support.

WOW said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
CRYSTAL MAIDEN LOOKS HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

right ...

can please post the top 10 best gankers.

i want to meet CM lol ! :D

Anonymous said...

for me.. i always use rylai for any games.. i can handle it for home many time... its either support or solo games..... perfect for a team member..!

Anonymous said...

puros ganker's

Ruatdika Dika said...

For me windrunner is good supporter

Anonymous said...

for me the best suppoet is earthshaker

Anonymous said...

What about wind runner

Anonymous said...

for me ES is the # 1..!

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